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Inaugural Chuxiong Fashion Week Highlights the Ethnic Costumes Culture in Yunnan

CHUXIONG, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The First Chuxiong Fashion Week Gala was held in Chuxiong Grand Theater in Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province of China, on the evening of January 5, which highlighted the ethnic costumes culture in Yunnan.

The ceremony kicked off with melodious and graceful singing, followed by three chapters: "Dreaming Back a Thousand Years," "Hand in Hand with Fashion," and "Guardian." These performances allowed the audience to visually experience the charm of ethnic clothing and fashion.

At the same time, the event announced the list of units, enterprises, and designers who received the inaugural Chuxiong Fashion Week Contribution Award. Additionally, the "Xinhua Chuxiong Fashion Week Index" was launched.

Nearly all of China's national-level major media and Yunnan's local media conducted live online broadcasts of the splendid event, attracting over 20 million online viewers.

According to the organizer, the gala is one of the events in the series of the first edition of “China Chuxiong Fashion Week”, which focuses on showcasing ethnic costumes culture and utilizes fashion as a medium. Its purpose is to promote cultural exchange and mutual learning among various ethnic groups, strengthen cultural identity among people of different ethnicities, and enhance communication and integration among them.

The 7-day Fashion Week event is a fresh fusion of "Chinese style" and "global style," inspiring a brand-new charm. While showcasing the inherent beauty of clothing from different ethnic groups, it promotes mutual inclusiveness and learning among various cultures, allowing the world to appreciate the harmony within.

The Fashion Week presented a visual feast and a profound experience of ethnic culture. The event received support from countries such as Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, as well as numerous domestic ethnic clothing enterprises and designers in China. It featured 39 exquisite fashion shows, showcasing over 1,100 dazzling sets of ethnic clothing and accessories.

This Fashion Week has also become a new window for the world to understand outstanding Chinese culture. Preliminary statistics indicate that during the fashion week period, besides the Chinese media, several international media paid attention to Chuxiong as well, and the inaugural Chuxiong Fashion Week garnered a total online exposure of 1.25 billion times across various platforms.

In the future, Chuxiong will take this Fashion Week as an opportunity to delve deeper into ethnic cultural resources, inherit innovation, lead fashion trends, strengthen cultural industries, build attractive cultural brands, and strive to develop Chuxiong into a distinctive capital of intangible cultural heritage and creative fashion.


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