InCorp Launches FOR-EP Programme to Help Businesses Stay Afloat Amid COVID-19

Financial and Operational Resiliency – Enterprise Programme (FOR-EP) is yet another effort by In.Corp Global, Singapore and South-east Asia’s leading corporate services provider, to assist small and medium scale enterprises in the region deal with near-term challenges, and uncertain economic ecosphere due to declining profitability, negative cash-flow situation, and high-gearing ratio.

Singapore, Singapore, March 04, 2020 --( It is evident that the recent turmoil in Hong Kong and COVID-19 outbreak in China has caused tectonic shifts in the Asian economy. While Singapore has been in the midst of recovering from its weakest economic growth in 2019 since the 2008 Financial Crisis, these unexpected situations have further impacted major industries such as tourism, aviation and logistics etc.

Terence Ng, Chief Operating Officer at InCorp Global mentioned that “as part of our mission to facilitate intelligent and informed decision making for businesses, InCorp has specially launched a Financial & Operational Resiliency Programme (FOR-EP) to safeguard concerned and struggling businesses during these uncertain times.”

Aimed at ensuring that businesses have the ability to adapt to distresses in the economy and build continuity for critical economic functions, the FOR-EP has been designed to help mostly small to mid-sized companies who grapple with declining profitability, negative cash position and high-gearing ratio. From this programme, businesses can now generate a FOR-EP report to retrieve key insights and high-level analysis of their financial performance. Depending on the findings, InCorp’s advisors will be able to assist companies in:

Revenue Modelling

Cost Analysis

Working Capital

Cashflow Management

Government Support

What-if Analysis

Mergers & Acquisitions

Human Resources

Other General Matters

This will help determine the next best move for businesses. It is essential that businesses stay ahead during this period by enhancing financial and operational resiliency. Here are 4 vital aspects of operational resiliency that businesses should attain, in any unexpected circumstance:
1) Financial Health & Viability 2) Forward-thinking Strategies 3) Crisis Readiness 4) Business Adaptability Plan

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