Indian Energy-AI Startup Climate Connect Makes List of 25 Leading APAC Innovative Companies

Delhi-based Climate Connect Technologies receives international recognition in Cleantech’s APAC 25 list as one of the 25 independent companies that are expected to make a significant impact on sustainable innovation over the next decade.

Delhi, India, September 13, 2019 --( Climate Connect has made Cleantech’s APAC-25 list, which comprises of twenty-five innovative companies from across the region, and different sectors. A total of 13,000 nominations were submitted for all global regions, with the final list selected by an expert panel including BP, Deloitte, the IFC, TEPCO, and Total. The company’s co-founder and CTO, Sanand Sule, said,

“It’s not just a privilege to be part of the list, it is a validation of our success in building innovative technologies, and the broader vision we are pursuing as a group. We’ve created a lot of awareness through our customer engagements and technology deployment. To be acknowledged by a panel of that calibre, and from amongst so many other great peers is truly heartening for us.”

Climate Connect was co-founded by Nitin Tanwar and Sanand Sule, alumni of the University of Cambridge, UK, and IIT Mumbai, India respectively. Through their shared vision of slashing energy costs, and modernising power grids using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) based technological interventions. The company works with large power distribution companies, and renewable generators to provide them with highly accurate AI-and-ML driven forecasting. It has to-date forecasting solutions for 6 GW of renewable generation projects, and a 25 GW of load portfolio under power distribution utilities.

Climate Connect’s inclusion is notable for being the only representative from the Energy Efficiency category. In large part because its solutions serve several parts of the power supply chain, rather than a single specific node. Following its success in solving forecasting problems for distribution companies in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, the company is now looking to expand its businesses across India. Tanwar added,

“We have received truly positive customer feedback on our services. They have intimated that our solutions are saving them millions of dollars every year. There is a huge dependence on disparate factors for energy system integrity. Not least of which weather conditions, which are becoming ever more volatile due to climate change. Having honed a tech-stack right from this start point, means we can provide assurance wherever needed. We know that our innovation works, and we aim to spread it across India. This will ensure that our vision of being the driver of reducing the cost of power in India is realized much sooner.”

Around APAC there are several other countries like India, that have fair energy generation, but where load-shedding is still common. One of the reasons for this is management of legacy infrastructure, and equally, the inability to forecast power generation and demand accurately. Although India is its primary focus, Climate Connect has been engaged other markets in the APAC region.

“In addition to growing the India business, we’ve been active since mid-2018 forging partnerships around APAC, most notably in Australia. We’ve had the chance to apply all of our AI systems learnings in the renewable generation and demand management fields for different power markets. This multi-market exposure has provided us with not only a deeper understanding of power markets, but also of commonalities, and the parallels between these markets. These ultimately inform our AI-based modelling and approach to business.”

The company’s technology-stack has matured significantly over the past year, leading to the filing of several patents.

“Given our expansion plans, having patents across jurisdictions for our tried-and-tested technology will be a key component of the international strategy. We are aiming to reach 300 GW of assets under AI-management over the next 3 years. Especially for the big markets beyond India, including APAC, and also states in the USA. There is a lot of renewable capacity being added across these territories, so a lot of opportunities are opening up. We’re now well positioned to capitalise on these, and accelerate our growth.”

About Climate Connect Technologies
Climate Connect currently offers real-time intraday, day-ahead, term-ahead, and long-term forecasting of weather, renewable generation, load, and power markets, using AI-and ML algorithms. Powered by millions of hourly data points from the transmission system, distribution network, generation types, and weather models. It also forecasts market prices and bid volumes, to predict power prices. The company’s stated aim is to use technology to make renewable energy affordable to the masses. For more information, visit, or email [email protected]

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