Infor China Kicks Off Digital Innovation Forum for the Manufacturing Industry in Guangzhou

Supporting Chinese manufacturing companies to take a leap towards a digital future


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November 2019 - Infor, a global leader in
business cloud software specialized by industry has successfully held Infor 2019 Digital Innovation
Forum for Manufacturing with the theme of "Exploration,
Interconnection, Innovation" recently. A total of nearly 180 attendees were at
the forum where Infor shared its corporate strategy, innovative product solutions
and end-user case studies with guests, helping to contribute to digitalization
uptake in Chinese manufacturing companies.

Keynote of Infor 2019 Manufacturing Digital Innovation Summit

Keynote attendees

Guest speaker - John Li - Expert of Strategic Enterprise Growth

Panel discussion

Smart Factory Innovation Demo Show

transformation has become a global trend. In this process, digital and innovation
capabilities are the core elements, and lead traditional enterprises to face
changes in terms of industry structure, industry chain and business model, thus
accelerating the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. Taking
the manufacturing industry as an example, the business model of Chinese
enterprises has gradually shifted from "OEM" to independent research,
development and design, and achieved steady growth in product value and
profitability through mastery of new technology and advanced digital
management. Therefore, digital transformation is also in full swing throughout enterprises
across the country. In the process of transformation, traditional enterprises
need to deeply understand the essence of digitalization, and rationally use
digital tools to achieve breakthrough innovations in management mode and
business model. Based on this, companies need to select the right management
software to agilely respond to the changing market and keep up the competitive


Xie, Vice President of Sales, Greater China and Korea, and Chong Lu, Director, Business
Consulting, Greater China and Korea, shared global digital strategy trends and the latest
developments at Infor,
including an analysis of the blueprint of the company's business model and
future growth in the Digital Era. 


summit also invited partners and customers to discuss ways to leverage digital
tools to continuously innovate and optimize business management models, and
also showcased the advantages of Infor solution in helping companies grow through
different use cases. "Infor
LN and Infor EAM help standardize business processes and data, achieving synchronous
production system, real-time manufacturing traceability, and  business and finance integration.  These fully meet the planning objectives of
Dongfeng Motor's 'Digital Equipment' project. With the roll out of the new Infor ERP solution, the entire business process
of Dongfeng Motor has been greatly optimized," said Mingqiang Fang, Chief
Officer of IS Planning and Management of Equipment Company, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd.


 "In today's enterprises, the Information
department is far from being the IT department in the traditional sense. Rather
it could affect business development, providing the basis for decision-making
and helping enterprises complete their strategic transformation. Take the manufacturing industry as an example: the market is
changing rapidly, and manufacturing companies have to speed up the pace to
master new tools. Infor's deep expertise in micro-verticals and innovative technologies can help companies realize
customer needs and create more precise, purpose-built solutions to ensure the
competitive advantage of the industry. At present, Infor's cloud-based and industry-specific enterprise solutions boast of many high-profile use cases around the world. I believe that Infor
will also become a good partner for Chinese manufacturing companies, and help
them realize successful IT transformation," Becky Xie said.

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Infor is a global leader in
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