Innovative Crowdsourcing Platform Das33 Now Open for Business

Das33 Provides
A More Secure Alternative to Existing ICOs

LONDON, UK - Media OutReach - October 01, 2018 - Das33, a revolutionary
crowdsourcing platform, has launched within the Das ecosystem, an alliance of
companies built around DasCoin, the Currency of Trust. The launch follows a special
last week hosted by Das33 at the United Nations in New York at
which the new crowdsourcing platform was unveiled to leading blockchain and
sustainability experts.


Das33 allows independently
vetted businesses to issue their own tokens on the DasCoin blockchain, and can
be funded with DasCoin (DASC) or Bitcoin (BTC) via a
DasWallet account -- an easy to set
up and secure wallet that requires KYC (Know Your Client) validation. In the
Das33 section of the DasWallet, an overview of all current Das33 projects is


DasCoin CEO, Michael
Mathias, said:
has made history by becoming a unique crowdsourcing solution which offers a
high level of security and governance over every business venture that seeks
crowdsourcing. Das33 also draws on the phenomenal support from our community
through our super-efficient  blockchain."


The Das33 world premiere comes
at a time when many of the more traditional ICO platforms are losing traction
with the public.


The Das33 platform
addresses this issue through a governance model which ensures that every
application is assessed by seasoned business professionals. An independent assessment
committee is tasked with making sure that only projects with the most potential
are approved for crowdsourcing.


Named after the 33 nodes
on which the DasCoin blockchain is constructed, Das33 allows its users to
submit their own projects, promote them, and fund their development, while
anyone from the DasCoin community can easily support one of the currently
ongoing projects and help bring them from initial idea to reality. 


The goal is to create a
"do-it-together" approach to development by tapping into the wisdom of the
community and having members fund the projects they want to see developed.  The more convincing a project appears to be,
the more funding that project is likely to receive. 


When pledging funds to
individual projects, participants receive a 'premium token' which yields
rewards upon the business achieving specific pre-determined targets. The tokens
can also be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.



The point of entry into
the secure DasCoin network. Each DasWallet account links the users to their wallet
and is also used to store and validate personal KYC.



DasCoin is an
extremely efficient way to store and exchange value and is the next step in the
evolution of money. 


DasCoin is the
blockchain-based currency at the center of an innovative digital asset system
that seeks to optimize the strengths and eliminate the weaknesses of existing
currency systems. It is fast, efficient, balanced, secure and


DasCoin is focused on
creating a digital currency that delivers superior performance through
greater operational efficiency, increased transaction capacity, wider
distribution, better governance and greater regulatory compliance. Protected by
industry leading security protocols and a technologically superior blockchain,
DasCoin is a pioneer in the sector with the goal of becoming the world's
first mainstream digital currency.

The DasCoin codebase can
be viewed on
GitHub and visit DasCoin Explorer to see blocks
built in real time

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