INSYNC Reveals It’s New Brand Identity – Inspired By Connections

INSYNC is one of the emerging IT solutions companies around the world and has been dealing with seamless application and data integration for over 15 years now. In this time of isolation with the ongoing global pandemic, INSYNC emerges as a new brand identity, which aims to inspire connections and speaks of synergy and collaboration.

Kolkata, India, January 01, 2021 --( Providing simple, efficient, and smart business solutions has been always the goal of INSYNC. For over 15 years, INSYNC has strived to provide strong connections, both in connecting business applications as well as with the companies as well. These connections have inspired INSYNC to work towards making endless connections and bring about the power of unity.

In this time of disconnection and isolation, INSYNC decided it was time to inspire connections and integration, through the launch of their new logo and brand identity, an identity that inspires people to connect, synergize and collaborate.

The Name:

The name INSYNC is inspired by the law of nature of balance and connection. The name is designed to inspire connection and the positive energy that comes along with it. The name INSYNC aims to inspire infinite connections and synchronization of people and technology.

The Logo:

The clean and elegantly designed new logo conveys both the basic offerings provide by INSYNC along with the core ideology of INSYNC, to make useful connections and networks between humans or systems and helping businesses gain perpetual growth in their vertical. The stylized N in INSYNC represents the infinite loop of a constant flow of connections and data.

The Idea:

INSYNC aimed to embrace unity in this time of isolation that has been brought upon by COVID –19. With the new brand identity, INSYNC wishes to propagate the message of consistent innovation and bringing newer and better offerings to businesses around the globe. INSYNC with its new identity aims to Initiate, Interact, Influence, Inspire and provide better solution, automation, efficiency, experience, connectivity, sustainability, success, etc. In a world of infinite possibilities, INSYNC promises to help businesses to adopt Digital Transformation, Business Automation, Seamless Integration and Continuous Evolution.

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