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International Content Market SPP 2021 to Be Held Online from July 12 to 30

- The largest content B2B market in Korea is held from July 12 to 30

- It introduces �SPP connect�, a new business matching platform that provides AI recommendation functions and video conferencing solutions

SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#AnimationStudios--The Seoul Business Agency (SBA, CEO Jang Young-seung), an organization supporting SMEs that enhance the competitiveness of Seoul�s cultural content industry, announced that it holds the international content market �SPP 2021� online from July 12 to 30.

SPP (Seoul Promotion Plan)�, a market specializing in animations, characters, webtoons, and game content, is the largest market in Korea where various content-related businesses, such as purchasing copyrights, co-production, and investment attractions, are made. Last year, 619 companies, including global companies such as Disney and Tencent, were joined and 4,092 biz-matching cases were made, the greatest achievement in history although it was held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The achievement of this �SPP� was the remarkable performance of the online platform. Preemptively introducing an online system in 2017, SPP has provided high-quality biz-matching opportunities to domestic content companies with its advance scheduling function that allows arranging meetings in advance and online screening function that allows viewing content videos in advance.

The SPP connect, newly established this year, has improved user convenience by implementing key functions necessary for non-contact business such as AI-based recommendation solutions and video conferencing solutions in addition to advance scheduling and online screening.

In SPP 2021, where SPP connect will be introduced for the first time, various B2B programs such as online biz-matching, pitching, showcase, and promotional events will take place.

The Asia Animation Alliance will strengthen the content business network between Asian countries through showcases of new animations from Korea, China, Japan, India, and ASEAN countries and briefing sessions to share animation market trends in each country. In the market briefing sessions, where various Asian countries, including Korea, China, Japan, India, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines participate, you can check the current status and visions of the animation industry in various Asian countries.

In addition, in the Global Ignite, a corporate-led promotional event, beneficial sessions are prepared for production, marketing, technologies, and investments in the field of content including animation. The sessions include young Korean animation studios, which are rapidly growing; briefing sessions by studios specializing in animations; and a session to introduce animation policies and fund status in Canada.

�The newly established SPP connect will become an online platform that can play a key role in exporting domestic content amid prolonged COVID-19 pandemic,� Park Bo-kyung, head of SBA Seoul Animation Center, said. �In SPP 2021, we plan to provide supports to domestic companies to create substantial business results by pitching their projects to leading overseas buyers.�

More information about SPP 2021, which is held from July 12 to 30, can be found on the SPP connect website (www.spp.kr).


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