International Science and Technology Innovation Center Forum Nobel and Turing Award Winners Hong Kong Summit

Global biotechnology leaders gather in Hong Kong


HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - July 03, 2019 - The first day of the 2019 Global Biotechnology Week
was co-sponsored by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the China Great Bay Area
District Common Residential Investment Co., Ltd. and Ausvic Capital (Hong Kong)
Co., Ltd. The Nobel and Turing Award winners Hong Kong Summit officially
launched this afternoon. Leaders from the global biotechnology community
gathered in the Hong Kong Financial Hall, including biotech-related Nobel
Prize, Turing Award, Fields Prize winner. Chen Maobo, Financial Secretary of the
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, Li Xiaojia, Chief Executive
Officer of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Group, Chairman of the Board of
Directors of Dawan District Common Home Investment Co., Ltd. and Chairman of
China Resources Group, Dr. Fu Yuning, and Founding Partner of Ausvic Capital,
Chen Pingjun Participated in the event and delivered a wonderful speech at the

Li Xiaojia believed that in the field of
biotechnology, no matter which country he or she comes from, there is only one
common enemy of "disease".


Mr. Chen Maobo pointed out that Hong Kong
has an advantage in biotechnology and would work hard to promote biotechnology.


Dr. Fu Yuying said that Hong Kong should
attract and promote exchanges and exchanges between experts and investors in
the field of biotechnology, and jointly promote scientific and technological
progress for the benefit of mankind and the world.


Nobel Laureate Professor Aaron Ciechanover
gave a keynote speech on personalized medicine. He believed that the future
would be an era of precision medicine. Based on personalized medicine and
combined with genome sequencing technology, proteomics technology would develop
more "appropriate" prevention, diagnosis and treatment options for the human
body. The Turing Award Winner Professor Joseph Sifakis elaborated on the
opportunities and threats in the knowledge revolution. He said that the role of
artificial intelligence depended mainly on human choice. The long-term approach
to challenging artificial intelligence was to build the next generation of
autonomous systems.


In addition, Chen Ping, founding partner of
Ausvic Capital, one of the organizers of the first day of the summit, delivered
a wonderful speech at the summit. He said that Ausvic Capital attached great
importance to the academic research and application of science and technology.
In the future, Ausvic will focus on investing in biotechnology in combination
with its own high-quality resources to promote the development of cutting-edge
biotechnology for the benefit of mankind. At the same time, work intensively
with world award winners and work closely with individual world-class funds;


Chen Ping believed that with the global economic slowdown, the
purchasing rate will decline in the next 10 years, and only a new generation of
technology will have an opportunity. Hong Kong should seize the opportunity of
this technological change. Therefore, I would like to make the following
recommendations to the Hong Kong Government:

1.In Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Certification;

2.Focus on the introduction of world-class scientific and
technological talents and build a world-class technology port. The
establishment of a world-class authority for new drug approval departments will
make Hong Kong a standardizer for biotechnology and will affect the future of
Hong Kong.

At the third round table, scientists had a
wonderful discussion on "the future of biotechnology." The round
table was chaired by Professor Harvey Lodish, a professor at the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology and a member of the National Academy of Sciences. The
winners of the round table include:

Professor Aaron Ciechanover, winner of the
2004 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Professor Ada E.Yonath, winner of the 2009
Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Professor Joseph Sifakis, winner of the
2007 Turing Awards

Professor Caucher Birkar, winner of the
2018 Fields Prize

Everyone is talking about the future of
biotechnology, which benefits participants and everyone is thunderous.


As one of the four clear new economic drivers
of the Hong Kong government, the success of the summit will accelerate the
development of Hong Kong's biotechnology industry and further improve the
investment and financing environment of biotechnology in Hong Kong. At the same
time, it will help investors to understand the cutting-edge technologies and
industrial development policies of biomedical innovation and promote the
healthy development of human beings.

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