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Introducing Quailia, A Brand New Food Invented from Japanese Quail, Found Only in Forged Parfait

Company behind the legendary Mammoth Meatball becomes first outside the U.S. to gain regulatory approval for cultured meat; launches first available product, Forged Parfait

SINGAPORE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#altmeat--Today Vow (https://www.eatvow.com/), the pioneering food company enabled by cultured meat technology, proudly unveiled Quailia: an entirely new food carefully crafted from a subspecies of the Japanese quail, available now in Singapore. For the first time in history, Quailia signifies a new frontier in meat innovation and can only be experienced in Forged Parfait, the flagship product from Vow’s Forged brand. See the Quailia launch video here.

Vow is the third worldwide to market food derived from cultured cells (produced entirely without animal serum)—an extraordinary achievement given that approximately 150 companies strive for the same goal. Vow has achieved novel food approval in less than five years with a funding of 56 million, representing around half the time and less than 10% of the capital raised compared to its competitors that have reached market.

To create Forged Parfait, the company embarked on an impressive culinary journey. Starting with a small sample of cells from a Japanese quail, Forged’s food scientists meticulously identified and isolated those contributing to its taste and texture. After studying the cells to discover what nutrients and environment they thrive in, they were moved to a bioreactor – a stainless steel tank akin to those found in a brewery – to emulate the natural growth conditions needed to flourish. Forged’s skilled chefs then mixed those cells with other ingredients to create the culinary masterpiece that is Coturnix Fornax, also known as Quailia. Unlike its traditional counterpart, Quailia is without a heart, brain, feathers, or bones – its entire body consists only of rich flavors, delicate textures, and delectable meat made to be eaten.

“Today we are making history yet again. We tantalised diners around the world with the Mammoth Meatball, and now we're bringing to life another world-first – an entirely new, utterly delectable animal,” said George Peppou, CEO, Vow, “Quailia is the ultimate expression of what we do – intentionally create foods unlike anything we’ve had before. Forged Parfait combines a flavor and texture combination you can’t find anywhere else. The result is a delightful contradiction rich yet delicate with a unique weightless, melt-in-your-mouth quality.”

In a culinary landscape where diners crave novelty, more than half of high-end consumers want to experience never-before-tasted ingredients (Internal Research, January 2024). Forged recognizes this appetite for innovation, using its unprecedented approach to create entirely new meats. Instead of using cell culturing to recreate meats we already have access to, Forged is creating foods with flavor and texture combinations previously unachieved.

Renowned Chef and Owner of Tippling Club, Ryan Clift, who has collaborated with Forged for two years, agrees: “I’m so blown away by the profile of Forged Parfait. It’s sweet, has a beautiful, delicate flavor, and the texture is always perfect. It’s the perfect parfait.”

Forged Parfait will be available to experience first in Singapore at Mandala Club’s MORI from April 12, 2024, to April 27, 2024. Forged Parfait will continue to roll out at some of the finest Singapore restaurants soon.

About Vow

Founded in April 2019, Vow’s mission is to make sustainable food irresistible and available to billions of people. Based in Sydney, Australia, the company, comprised of innovators, engineers, scientists, artists, and foodies, is making entirely new meat products directly from the cells of animals instead of the animals themselves. Vow is the first company outside the U.S. to gain regulatory approval for cultured meat, and is backed with 56M in funding from investors like Blackbird and Prosperity7. Forged Parfait is the flagship product from Vow’s Forged brand.


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