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Introducing the new cable car at Hotel Iyaonsen in Iya Valley, a well-noted locale in the inbound tourist market

Cable Car No. 4 Launched on February 22 (Wednesday)

- Cable car designed under the supervision of muralist Hideki Kimura makes its debut in Iya Valley -

MIYOSHI, Tokushima, Japan--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Hotel Iyaonsen (Iyakei Onsen Kanko Co., Ltd.; Location – Miyoshi City, Tokushima Prefecture; CEO - Yoshihiro Ueda) will introduce a new cable car on Wednesday, February 22, 2023. The new Cable Car No. 4, designed under the supervision of mural artist Hideki Kimura (the “free-wheeling rocking muralist from Kyoto” who has more than 200 works to his name both in Japan and abroad - https://ki-yan.com/), is adorned with Iwa Tsutsuji (Kamchatka bilberry) blossoms on the outside and Yabu Tsubaki (Japanese camellia) blossoms on the inside.

The new cable car will allow the Hotel to provide a more exciting ride to the open-air baths constantly supplied with free-flowing water from the hot springs. A cable car that is “pleasing to the eye and comfortable to ride”. It will serve as a landmark of the globally watched Iya Valley located in Iya, one of the three most secluded regions in Japan.

Hotel Iyaonsen celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2022. We will continue to offer our guests the highest quality services and experience while endeavoring to meet and exceed expectations.

Overview of Cable Car No. 4

  • This cable car is specifically intended to take guests to the open-air baths at the bottom of the valley, which are constantly supplied with free-flowing water from the hot springs.
  • The vertical distance from the Hotel to the open-air baths is approximately 170m (the length of the rail is approximately 250m). The cable car travels the distance extending at a 42-degree angle in about 5 minutes.
  • The maximum passenger capacity is 17.
  • Passengers will be able to enjoy the seasonal view of the Iya Valley from the windows.
  • The cable is intended solely for taking guests to the open-air baths.

    Fees: Open-air baths, indoor panorama bath, cable car rides – Adults: 1,700 yen Children: 900 yen

    Hours of Operation: 7:30 - 18:00 (Last ticketing: 17:00)

Hotel Iyaonsen

The Hotel is the only hotel in Iya Valley, one of the three most secluded regions in Japan. The open-air baths, constantly supplied by free-flowing water from the hot springs and accessible by a cable car, welcome onsen-lovers from all over Japan who hope to bathe there “at least once in (their) lifetime”. The open-air baths that protrude over the Iya River are 100% natural, supplied around the clock only with hot spring water that is never artificially heated. One of the attractions of the baths is the view of the deep-cut Iya Valley that they offer the bathers. The cable car ride down to the open-air baths is a feature symbolic Iyaonsen that is extremely popular among both adults and children. The cable car has become a facility representative of Iya Valley in recent years and is welcoming guests from around the world.

URL https://www.iyaonsen.co.jp/en/

Company Overview


Hotel Iyaonsen


367-28 Matsuo Matsumoto, Ikeda-cho, Miyoshi City, Tokushima Prefecture


Yoshihiro Ueda


October 1972

Business Description:

Lodging and accommodation, day-use onsen services, restaurant

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Hotel Iyaonsen

TEL: +81-883-75-2311

E-mail: [email protected]


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