Introducing the Premier Music International Competition (PMIC) – an Innovative and Forward Thinking Online Music Competition

Budapest, Hungary, March 25, 2021 --( The COVID-19 pandemic is responsible for introducing social distancing, remote learning and also music festival and competition cancellations.

We all know that musicians are facing incredible difficulties during these times but music students also face a struggle of a different kind, namely to show what they are capable of.

A few of them can find comfort, happiness and success on social media, but many are left frustrated.

In these times, it can be a boost to these sidelined talents to participate in online music competitions which give valuable feedback and a chance to shine on an international stage.

This is where the Premier Music International Competition (PMIC) comes in, a new forward-thinking online music competition where all ages, levels can compete in any chosen musical genre.

Major benefits of music competitions include exposing candidates to different opinions and environments. Although teachers can always be counted on for feedback, a wider range of opinions is helpful in expanding a student’s musical horizons.

PMIC has thus introduced jury evaluation, where the three members of the international jury panel - Ms. Clara Bystrand (soprano singer), Mr. Tibor Nemes (percussionist/drummer), and Mr. Henning Fuchs (multi-instrumentalist and composer) - will provide each candidate with written feedback on their performances.

This is the novelty of the PMIC approach:

a) PMIC is open to all music students and music lovers.
Professional musicians are excluded from this competition in order to give others a chance who are not (yet) working in the field of music.

b) Applicants can choose any style of music as their contest piece/song.
The jury would love to hear all styles of music in this competition be it: pop, classical, jazz, rock, funk, punk etc. The only rule is for the music to be performed live on instruments (or voice).

c) The PMIC jury simply love music. They will be evaluating the communicative power of your performance; they are not judging the candidates personally.
In fact, they will be as unbiased as possible and they cannot judge their own students (if such students apply).

Premier Music International Competition was founded in Budapest, Hungary by Mr. Dániel Bolgár in 2021.

A recorded video is to be uploaded to one of the social video sites and that will be categorized and judged by the jury of the competition.

PMIC competition deadline is 4 April 2021.

For more information, please visit PMIC's website:

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