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INVESCO OFFICE J-REIT, INC: Notice Concerning Submission of Written Request Regarding Petition for Urgent Injunction Order Against the Tender Offer by Starwood Capital Group

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Invesco Office J-REIT, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as �Investment Corporation�) hereby announces that it has submitted today a written request as described in the Material to the Commissioner of the Financial Services Agency, the Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission and the Director of the Kanto Local Finance Bureau, to request that they file a petition with a court to issue an order pursuant to Article 192, Paragraph 1 of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and Article 219, Paragraph 1 of the Act on Investment Trusts and Investment Corporations to prohibit or suspend a tender offer (hereinafter referred to as the "Tender Offer") for all of the issued and outstanding investment units of the Investment Corporation commenced by 101 LPS, an investment limited partnership; SDSS Investco Limited; SDSS K Investco Limited; SSF U.S. Investco S, L.P.; SSF U.S. Investco C, L.P.; and SOF-11 International Investco Limited, managed by the Starwood Capital Group (hereinafter collectively or individually referred to as the �Tender Offeror(s)�) .

For more information: http://www.invesco-reit.co.jp/file/en-news-0ce64c8d1e20ce6cf1c86053c843b25df48b31f1.pdf

The Investment Corporation asks its unitholders to continue to pay attention to statements of opinion to be made and information to be disclosed by the Investment Corporation going forward, and to make a careful decision with respect to whether to tender their shares in the Tender Offer.

* Website address for the Investment Corporation: http://www.invesco-reit.co.jp/en/


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