iPAD Angola to Show How Port of Luanda is a Perfect Example of Investment Partnership Opportunity in Angola

The Port of Luanda is a perfect example of the infrastructure partnerships and private sector investment opportunities Angola has to offer, says the Port�s Technical Director, Mr. Sans�o Domingos Pitra. During the upcoming annual investment forum, iPAD Angola, taking place in Luanda from 13-16 September, delegates will have the opportunity to view the facilities during a site visit.

Luanda, Angola, September 02, 2011 --( iPAD stands for Infrastructure Partnerships for African Development and the forum brings together senior Angolan cabinet members, industry experts, regulators and existing and prospective investors interested in infrastructure partnership opportunities in the Angolan agriculture, power, water, transport & logistics and mining sectors.

Diversification of the Angolan economy
Says iPAD Angola�s programme director, Jose Monteiro, �Work is underway to rebuild and modernise the Port of Luanda�s container terminal II and the new infrastructure is expected to finally bring the goods congestion at the port to an end. This remodeling and modernisation will also improve the facility�s efficiency and operating levels, which in the long run will allow for the desired diversification of the economy and as a consequence boost Angola's production capacity.�

Practical perspective of successful partnership project
The Port of Luanda�s Mr Domingos Pitra adds: �The port site visit will give a practical perspective of a successful infrastructure partnership project in this country.� He continues: �The new developments have redefined the Port of Luanda�s strategy, with the objective to curtail the high costs involved with necessary investments. This redefinition entails that the Port of Luanda would only be responsible for the costs relating to its exclusive competency area, leaving the costs relating to the complete preparation of the respective areas to the licence holders, in order for them to carry out their activities and acquire the necessary equipment.� The President of the Port of Luanda Dr. Francisco Ven�ncio, will personally welcome the iPAD delegates on 16 September for the viewing of the facility.

More highlights on the programme include the following high-level speakers:

- Her Excellency the Angolan Minister of Planning, Ms. Ana Dias Louren�o, Ministry of Planning, Angola*
- Mr. M�rio Rui Pires, National Director, Technical Support Unit of Public-Private Partnerships - PPPs Unit, Ministry of Economy, Angola
- Mr. Serafim da Silveira, National Director for Electrification, Ministry of Energy and Waters of Angola
- Mr. Lucrecio Costa, National Director fof Hidric Resources, Ministry of Energy and Waters of Angola
- Mr. Mankenda Ambroise, Secretary of State of Geology and Mines, Ministry of Geology and Mines and of Industry of Angola
- Mr. Kavungo Marlon, Director Nacional de Minas, Ministry of Geology and Mines and of Industry of Angola
- Mr. Francisco Queiroz, Manager, Technical Commission to Review Mining Legislation � CTRLM, Angola
- Mr. Domingos Nazar� Veloso, National Director of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture, Angola

*Invited speaker

Event dates:
Pre-conference workshops: 13 September 2011
Conference: 14-15 September 2011
Site visit: 16 September 2011
Location: Talatona Convention Hotel, Luanda, Angola.


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