Is Lodha Palava a Good investment?

Lodha PalavaLodha Palava advertises them-self as "Palava to be among world's top 50 places to live by 2025". Is it true?
First let's talk about some issue Palava faces:

1. Connectivity to Mumbai - It�s still a nightmare to travel from Palava to Mumbai.
Currently there are two options to commute to Mumbai:

By Train: Travel to Dombivli Station (8 KM) and then catch a Local Train. During peak hours, getting into a train from Dombivli Station is a nightmare. To reach Dadar it will take around 1.5 hours from Palava by Train.
Note: Before booking a flat in Palava Lodha was highlighting a new Local train station in Palava, it was one of the highlight of the project. Even after 5 years there is no sign of a Station in Palava.

By Road: You need to take Kalayan- Shilphata road to go to Mumbai by Airoli/Vashi. During peak hours to cross 3 KM stretch (Palava to Shilphata) will take more than 45 mins. So you can imagine about traffic on roads.
Hope: If Airoli-Dombivali tunnel project and Ghansoli � Ghatkopar bridge take place, then it is good place to stay. Hope both these projects will not be on just papers.

2. Appreciation on your investment - There is too much Supply
Currently I don�t think Palava is good place to invest. (This is my personal opinion)
Those who booked their flat in 2009-10 got a great appreciation on their investment, But that is not going to repeat again now. One of my Friend brought a flat from the builder (Lodha) in their Majestica Cluster in 2013 for 75 Lacs. (This is one of the Premium cluster in Palava city) Even today in 2015 there are investor flats available for sale for just Rs.70 Lacs. So where is the appreciation?

There are many reasons for this, Lots of investor flats are available for sale in Palava, more over Lodha is launching more and more projects every quarter which adds more inventory.

Note: It is always said that the first moves to a city are the biggest gainers.

Delay in possession is another issue. This is a common issue with all builders.


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