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ISA TanTec To Launch COSM (Creation of Sustainable Materials) Division

MACAU--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ISA TanTec has established a successful track record of entering market segments with numerous sustainable product innovations, including leather cutting, leather trims and leather laces for the footwear, Iuxury and apparel markets. To continue the momentum, the group invests into new innovative technologies and additional sustainable materials to meet its customers' needs in response to current market trends. ISA TanTec now announces the launch of COSM (Creation of Sustainable Materials) Division, which specializes in the development and production of additional sustainable products alongside its leather production. The first two materials to launch under the new division are HyphaLite and VeraLite. The HyphaLite will be available in Q1 2021 while the VeraLite will be available in Q2 2021.

�For more than 2 years, we have been investigating and researching with scientists to build these new sustainable materials along with our unique ISA leathers,� said Thomas Schneider, Executive Chairman of the ISA TanTec Group.

All COSM products are made by following ISA TanTec�s LITETM manufacturing processes minimizing carbon footprint, water and chemical consumption. The HyphaLite and VeraLite are made from mushroom, mycelium and other plant based materials which are biodegradable. Mushrooms unsuitable for human consumption are used for the production. Following the principle of the circular economy, waste which occurs during the production of the materials, included but not limited to cutting waste, will be integrated back into the process.

�Mushrooms are an amazing, fast renewable natural organism. Due to its rapid growth, its feedstock availability is almost unlimited,� said Dr. Reiner Hengstmann, Vice President, Additional Materials of the ISA TanTec Group.

�In unprecedented times, we are paying even more attention and dedicating additional resources to innovation, creating a better future,� said Uwe Hutzler, Chief Executive Officer of the ISA TanTec Group.


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