ISRO’s Regional Positioning System Deployment

isro Regional Positioning System DeploymentIndian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has undertaken a project for developing an indigenous regional positioning system for India known as Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS).

IRNSS consists of seven satellites in a constellation, three satellites in geostationary orbit (GEO) and four satellites in geosynchronous orbit (GSO). The objective of IRNSS is to provide positioning and navigational services for India and surrounding region up to 1500 Km, with an absolute position accuracy of better than 20 metres.

Out of the 7 satellites required in the constellation, five satellites namely, IRNSS-1A, 1B, 1C, 1D & 1E have already been operationalised in-orbit. Remaining two satellites, IRNSS-1F & 1G are planned to be placed in orbit by March/April 2016. With regard to ground infrastructure to operate IRNSS constellation, all primary facilities have been established. Establishment of backup navigation and timing centres is in progress. Two ranging and integrity monitoring stations are contemplated in Indonesia and Mauritius, for which the work is under progress. A budget of Rs 1420 crores has been approved by the Government for the realisation of IRNSS programme including satellites and associated ground segment.

The benefits of IRNSS programme include – (i) establishing India’s own independent navigational satellite system providing position, navigation and timing services and (ii) enabling applications in the areas viz. terrestrial, aerial & marine navigation, vehicle tracking, fleet management, precision timing services for power grid synchronisation etc.

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