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Jai Malayalis and long life to Malayalis

PROUD TO BE A "MALAYALI". Read here what Justce Katju said about YOU:

"MALAYALEES" ARE THE REAL INDIANS - Says Justice Markendey Katju, Former Judge, Supreme Court of Inda".

"In all respects, Malayalis (i.e.Keralites) are the real Indians, says Justice Katju. Only the Malayalis truly represents the real Indians. The mindset of a Malayali to accept anything is his unique quality."

"Posing to himself the question as to who are the real Indians, Justice Katju, in his Facebook posting, eulogized Malayalis upto the sky!"

Gist of his posting is here:

" I am a Kashmiri. Therefore, I would like to call "Kashmiris" as the real Indians. But, frankly speaking, only the 'Malayalis' can be called as the 'real Indians'. Only the Malayalis have all the qualities which needs to be possessed by an Indian.

"To live unitedly with religious tolerance, one has to respect equally all sections of the society. It is only the Malayalis who truly follows this practice. For this reason alone, it needs to be said that Malayalis symbolically represents all the Indians. One needs to learn from the Malayalis."

"Malayalis can be seen on every part of the globe. Some Malayali Muslims invited me to Qatar last year. Realised that there are more Malayalis there than the locals."

"Like in other parts of India, there is no discrimination of Scheduled Castes/Dalits in Kerala. Shree Narayana Guru is revered and honoured by everyone there. Namboodiris from Kerala will always be the Chief Priest (Main Pujari) of the Badrinath Temple in the Himalaya. Kerala contributed world-famous artists, poets, mathematicians and scientists."

"Malayali Nurses serve in most of the Hospitals both in India and abroad. I believe that there are no illiterates in Kerala. Malayalis are intelligent, hardworking, have manners and humility. Malayalis are large-hearted. They are progressive thinkers, patriotics and have a secular mindset respecting all religions.They criticise themselves including their religion, language and use maximum best part of democracy - grow in positive direction with creativity ."

"ALL INDIANS MUST LEARN FROM THE MALAYALIS. Justice Katju ended his post with a "Jai Malayalis and long life to Malayalis".

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