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JAXA Start up Tenchijin Wins the Challenge Sponsored by Bx, Within Gravity 03, a Global Space Tech Innovation Programme, With the Solution to Improve Soil Health by Satellite Data and AI!

Gravity Challenge is an event giving an opportunity for space technology start-ups to formulate and propose ideas towards issues brought forward by various industries. This year, over 300 start-ups from Australia, United Kingdom, United States, and several EU states participated in this competition. Tenchijin became a winner for Bx Challenge.

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Bardsley, a United Kingdom based orchard company and Bx, their partner organisation managing a carbon emission trading platform, have developed, and provided solutions to support sustainable agriculture. Tenchijin applied to solve the challenge : “how might we save our soils and regenerate degraded land.”

Tenchijin’s solution places its focal point on the empty space between the fruit trees within the orchard. As Tenchijin Compass, their land evaluation engine, can analyse the farming environment (eg. temperature, rainfall) and soil specific attributes, the start-up poposed a solution which can recommend suitable companion plants for each field that sequester carbon to enrich the soil and to keep agricultural carbon emission rates low.

This strategy is not just applicable on Bardsley’s farms, but is also serviceable for orchard farmer in any location; and could strive for global agricultural carbon output emission. By providing the farmers a method to use their land to its maximum potential and by mitigating carbon emission through carbon sequestration, Tenchijin’s innovative solution is expected to increase crop yield and raise profitability simultaneously.

The project came to fruition by interweaving Tenchijin’s patented algorithm within Tenchijin Compass and satellite data analysis, and additional functionalities and potential or candidate plants can be easily added to continue using this platform effectively.

Moreover, this viable solution was praised for its adaptability and scalability, as the solution is adaptable to any stretch of land around the globe. It is anticipated that this technology will be utilised to spread sustainable agriculture in a global market by reducing carbon output.

Tenchijin now advances to the “Scale Phase” to produce the actual platform with Bx. Going forth, Tenchijin will continue to develop its business services to prepare for the progressing sustainable agriculture field and to reach the goal of limiting carbon emission.

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Company name: Tenchijin, Inc.

Location: Sumitomofudosan Onarimon Tower 9F 1-1-1 Shiba-kouen, Minato-ward, Tokyo, Japan

Representative: Yasuhito Sakuraba, Board of management

Provided services: Land evaluation consulting using satellite data

Site URL: https://tenchijin.co.jp/


Tenchijin, Inc.

Yasuhito Sakuraba

[email protected]

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