Jonas Watcher Mystery Series; Third Book Release

Jonas Watcher Mystery Series; Third Book Release

The Case of the Jade Dragon is now available in paperback and eBook. Jonas Watcher gets involved in a China Town family feud that could get him killed.

Online PR News � 28-October-2016 � The Jonas Watcher Detective Adventure Mystery series takes place circa 1930 San Francisco. Jonas is a reluctant investigator who inherits a Private Detective Agency he never asked for. In the first novel, he gets involved in the murder of the original agency's owner along with a complicated case of blackmail and kidnapping. Jonas must solve "The Case of the Running Bag" to stay alive and out of jail.

In the second novel, "The Case of the Bourbon Street Hustler" Jonas travels to New Orleans when he discovers his previous case hadn't been completely solved. He travels the more romantic and seedier sides of the city in search of closure for the case. But it isn't until he visits the Bayou that he discovers the most dangerous creatures in the swamp walk on two legs.

The release of the third novel puts Jonas in harm's way simply because he does a good deed. He travels round trip between San Francisco and St. Louis using trains, planes, and automobiles avoiding underworld hit men who need to keep him from bringing a reluctant bride to an arranged marriage. In "The Case of the Jade Dragon", Jonas gets help from a beautiful woman who is in love with a dragon.

All novels are available on the internet through online book retailers.

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