June Updates to Autologica DMS – Favorite Actions in the Parts Module

Rosario, Argentina, June 29, 2018 --( Autologica S.A., a specialist in dealer management systems (DMS) for the automotive industry, announced the March update to their dealer management system, which includes features designed to improve operations at the dealership and respond to industry needs.

Favorite Actions in the Parts module

You can now set up "Favorite Actions" and "Actions on Vouchers" buttons to automate daily tasks and save time when buying and selling parts.

Users can click on buttons to quickly access their daily actions (create invoice, packing list, proposal, customer order, etc.), where information is pre-filled for the voucher. In addition, when working on a voucher, "Quick Action" buttons let you access related functions; for example, when working on a proposal you can quickly generate an order, invoice, or deliver an order.

Parts with multiple locations

Dealers that have a large inventory store parts at multiple locations. Autologica allows you to assign priorities to warehouses to know the exact location of each part. The DMS also suggests the optimal route to find that part.

New alerts for Quick Alerts/Automator

For repair orders, an alert can be generated to inform:

Repair orders opened exactly N days ago: For example, an email alert can list ROs opened 10 days ago; the user can take an action on that list of repair orders. Those orders are not informed the next day.

Repair orders opened more than N days ago: For example, an email alert can list repair orders opened more than 30 days ago. Those orders then continue to be reported every day if they remain open.

About Autologica

Autologica is a world leader in providing innovative software to automobile, motorcycle, truck, and agricultural and construction machinery dealers. The company's flagship product, Autologica Sky DMS, is a cloud-based dealer management system that manages all departments in a dealership. Autologica also provides web tools such as ClientConnect (a mobile app for dealers to share with their customers), Appoint365 (workshop scheduling), and Awake (continuous monitoring and auditing to detect potential fraud events and money leaks), among others.

Hundreds of dealers representing more than 60 brands in over 20 countries use Autologica software.


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