KaHa Partners with JCube to Promote Health and Fitness

- Media OutReach - 31 October 2019 - Singapore smart wearables IoT
platform company KaHa has announced a two-day roadshow on
the 2nd and 3rd of November in partnership with JCube, a mall participating in
the Health Promotion Board (HPB)'s Health Promoting Mall Programme.  As part of its ongoing efforts under
this programme to promote healthier lifestyles, JCube collaborates with KaHa to introduce rope jumping and its myriad
of benefits to mall visitors and convey the importance of exercise and physical
activity.  Guests
will also have the opportunity to try out Lifeflow, KaHa's innovative
smart jump rope and take part in KaHa's 1-Minute Challenge - the participant
with the highest number of skips will walk away with a set of Lifeflow.

"KaHa is delighted to host
these activities as a way to promote healthier habits and more active
lifestyles to people of all ages and levels of fitness.  Together with JCube, we are excited to let
consumers experience wearable technology, encourage self-monitoring, and
empower them to take charge of their own health," said Pawan Gandhi, Founder
and CEO of KaHa.

With its existing health- and fitness-promoting mall
activities such as weekly K-Kardio workouts, JCube has always been more than
just a shopping mall. This partnership with KaHa exemplifies JCube's commitment
to adding value for its patrons, as the mall believes in not only delivering
goods, but also delivering 'good'. As a Health Promoting Mall, JCube is a
strong and influential advocate for a healthier and more active lifestyle, and
strives to create a tangible and positive health impact on its customers.

Offering tangible Health, Fitness, and Wellness

According to a 2018 report by the World Health
Organisation (WHO), 23% of adults and 81% of adolescents globally are not
sufficiently active, resulting in an increased risk of various serious diseases
including coronary heart disease and stroke, diabetes, hypertension, various
cancers such as colon and breast cancer, and even depression.

Cognizant of this growing public
health issue, KaHa has developed a range of wearable devices that will equip
users with more control over their health and fitness than ever before - made
possible by allowing them unfettered access to a treasure trove of health data.
Combining KaHa's in-house COVE® technology and sleek, lightweight design for
all-day wearability, KaHa's wearables provide the ability to monitor one's
health and fitness conveniently. The less exercise-inclined will now have one
less excuse to skip a workout! 

Visitors of JCube will be able to check out some of
these wearable devices, all thoughtfully designed and built with the company's proprietary
COVE® IoT platform.  With the user's
health, fitness, and wellness in mind, these include a hybrid-display
smartwatch that monitors blood pressure and heart rate and a range of smart
fitness apparels and bands that make workouts both fun and provide the data one
needs to stay on top of his or her health. 
Engineered to empower users with practical and actionable solutions for
health, fitness, and overall wellness, the public will be able to touch, feel
and even try on these technologies at the roadshow.

Get Fit, Stay

KaHa's health and fitness solution encompasses a range
of tech features and functions across its various wearable offerings, including
Lifeflow, a smart jump rope with fitness tracking and health monitoring
capabilities; a blood pressure and heart rate monitoring watch; a smart fitness
T-shirt; and a fitness band. These feature-packed devices promote healthier
habits and empower the user with all the data and information he or she needs
in order to take charge of his or her health and fitness. 

These include features such as activity tracking
(including steps, distance travelled, and calories burnt), sedentary alert,
'Nudges' and reminders to encourage physical activity, ECG (electrocardiogram),
heart rate and blood pressure monitoring, as well as a means to contact a
doctor or the emergency services, if necessary. The latter, in particular,
ensures that KaHa's smart wearables provide not only information on a user's
health and fitness, but also a tangible, workable solution to a potential
health problem.  Furthermore, the devices function as a Fitness
Coach as they provide tailored training programmes for the individual based on
personal needs and goals -- whether to shed a few kilograms or train for a
cross-country marathon.

KaHa also offers a solution for a common complaint
amongst the less fitness-inclined - the 'problem' of boredom in exercise.
KaHa's COVE®-powered fitness band features an innovative Virtual Run function,
which provides the user an immersive, otherworldly experience, allowing one to
run through some of Singapore's most famous attractions, such as along the
Singapore's heralded F1 Marina Bay circuit. From navigating the leafy avenues
of Sentosa Cove to a beachside jog at Changi Beach, KaHa's Virtual Run will
ensure that boring runs around the neighbourhood will be a thing of the past.

Unwind and Let

However, true wellness is not limited to physical health
and fitness. At KaHa, we are firm believers in the importance of a holistic
approach to wellness -- particularly in today's fast-paced, high-pressure

To this end, KaHa has developed a wellness solution that
is the perfect complement to its health and fitness offerings. As part of
KaHa's Stress & Fatigue Management strategy, its smart wearables employ
health monitoring functions such as ECG and heart rate monitoring to assess the
user's stress levels. Taking it a step further, KaHa's COVE®
technology will then recommend activities or actions in accordance with the
health data it has collected -- providing the user with recommendations to visit
a spa or see a doctor, for instance. It doesn't end there: COVE® will even recommend nearby spas and other Wellness
facilities to the user, allowing for easy and convenient access to relaxation
and retreat.

Exciting new
products on the horizon

Within the fourth quarter of 2019, KaHa is set to unveil
a new range of fitness wearables that promises to be more than just your
average smart device. Taking a holistic approach to health and wellness, they
leverage on KaHa's cutting-edge COVE® platform to perform multifunctional
roles, all from a sleek, lightweight device on the wrist.

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About KaHa

KaHa, a Singapore-based technology company,
has offices in Singapore, China, India and Switzerland. The company has
customers and partners around the world spanning across high-end luxury,
financial services, digital payment, jewellery and accessories, health and
wellness, OEM and smart apparel. COVE®, a registered brand of KaHa,
is a patented end-to-end IoT SMART wearables platform and provides a one-stop
solution for brands to bring exciting smart wearables to their customers, with
reduced go-to-market time and costs.

in-built Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, COVE®
provides innovative, exciting and personalized user experiences that are
specially designed with a range of consumer verticals in mind: Safety, Sports
& Fitness, Health & Wellness, Digital Payment, Smart Home and Special
Needs. The platform includes electronics design, printed circuit board
assembly, application framework for iOS and Android, cloud services, data
analytics and smart after-sales service tool. For more information, please

About JCube

JCube is a leisure & edutainment mall that offers mass appeal
dining, an exciting array of entertainment choices and enriching activities.
The urban destination of choice for many residents in the West of Singapore,
the four-storey mall is located at the heart of Jurong East Regional Centre and
a stone's throw from Jurong East MRT Station & Bus Interchange. JCube holds
the distinction of being the first suburban mall to bring IMAX to cinema
audiences, and also boasts Singapore's first and only Olympic-size ice rink.

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