KD Novelties Announces the Addition of Personalized Classic Novels For the Teen and Tween Market

KD Novelties Announces the Addition of Personalized Classic Novels For the Teen and Tween Market

KD Novelties a leading publisher of Personalized Children's Books for younger children has emerged into the market of personalized novels for older children.

Online PR News � 03-April-2018 � With over 15 years of experience and excellence in publishing personalized stories for younger kids, KD Novelties is quite glad to announce a transition from publishing younger children's stories to a series of personalized classic novels for older kids and more experienced readers.

They have also recently partnered with a publishing company in a bid to make their personalized novels and stories readily accessible and available for older kids. KD Novelties who have so far stayed in the kiddies zone publishing personalized books for kids between 0 - 10 years, sounded pretty excited about branching out to accommodate older kids and more experienced readers. The statement put out as a reason for this step which states, "We want everyone (kids of all ages) to experience what it feels like to be the star in the stories they read" truly tells how passionate and elated the company is.

Kim Delgado, founder of KD Novelties explains further saying, "Our success with the younger kids has spurred us to widen our scope to reach out to older kids as well and with over 15 categories, it is our mission to promote a reading culture in millennials, one personalized book at a time".

It is truly clear that at KD Novelties, they make their readers the star in each story they tell, by giving them the opportunity to add as many as 6 personalized characters to the story. The first names of each character are switched out and replaced with the readers' and their friends. These personalized classic novels maintain the gender of the reader and friends throughout the book.

Kim emphasizes that "....the main aim of all of our personalized stories is to build the self-esteem of the reader, by making them the protagonist who solves a problem and defeats the antagonist in the story", with so many accolades to this enterprise's name, it is definitely clear that their adopted methods are beneficial.

The new personalized chapter books cover the major classics that older kids find appealing. Currently available are A Christmas Carol, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Robin Hood, Romeo and Juliet, The Wind in the Willows, Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and Treasure Island.

These books are all available for order on their website and can be made in either hardcover or paper back. It also comes with the option of a personalized note from the sender. For more information do visit, KD Novelties personalized books.

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