Kerry Logistics Introduces IoT Solution to Global Supply Chain with Smart Sensor

HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 25 February 2019 - Kerry
Logistics Network Limited ('Kerry Logistics'; Stock Code 0636.HK) brings
Internet of Things (IoT) to practice in international shipments with the
introduction of smart sensor which enables total supply chain visibility and sophisticated
security measures. With real-time information available on the digital supply
chain, Kerry Logistics is able to provide timely and useful data to
international customers for agile decision making and response to achieve
ultimate supply chain optimisation.


sensor-based logistics solution utilises smart sensor devices to monitor cargo
across ocean, air, and ground transportation around-the-clock. The devices,
accepted in over 190 countries across the globe, transmit seamless data on
location and environmental variables including temperature, pressure, tilt,
shock, humidity, and pilferage to multiple stakeholders along the supply chain,
facilitating their cooperation and timely reaction to unforeseeable


"End-to-end visibility has become
a prerequisite to the agility to any supply chain," Mathieu Biron,
Managing Director - Global Freight Forwarding of Kerry Logistics, said,
"Global supply chains are increasingly complex. Our adoption of smart sensor
provides international customers with greater visibility and control, thus
improving the quality of their operations, exception management, and demand
planning. And do so at lower operating costs."


logistics solution is particularly useful for time and environmental-sensitive
shipments such as in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. It also adds
huge value to premium goods including high value consumer electronic
products.  Both consignees and shippers are
able to obtain first-hand information about the physical environment of the
cargo through constant personalised alerts or via our KerrierVISION visibility


the adaptive smart sensor solution, our customers can make immediate decisions
at any stage across the supply chain based on actionable intelligence, which
enables them to minimise loss and enhance efficiency. We anticipate the
sensor-based logistics solution becoming an indispensable part of the supply
chain with the increasing adoption of IoT in the global logistics practices,"
Biron added.


creation for customers through innovation and continuous improvement is one of
the core values of Kerry Logistics. Through enhanced efficiency and improved
menu of solutions, Kerry Logistics stands ready to help our customers to meet
the ever-changing market needs.

About Kerry Logistics Network Limited (Stock Code 0636.HK)

Kerry Logistics is an Asia-based, global 3PL
with the strongest network in Asia. Its core competency is providing highly
customised solutions to multinational corporations and international brands to
enhance their supply chain efficiency, reduce overall costs, and improve
response time to market. Kerry Logistics has a network covering 53 countries
and territories, and is managing 53 million sq ft of land and logistics
facilities worldwide, providing customers with high reliability and flexibility
to support their expansion and long-term growth. Kerry Logistics Network
Limited is listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and is a
selected Member of the Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index Series 201

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