Kingston DDR2 1 GB PC RAM Only at Rs 399


Kingston DDR2 1 GB PC RAMGet unmatched computing experience with the all new Kingston ddr2 RAM, that comes at a budget friendly price. Brought to you by Snapdeal, this RAM will enhance the performance of your computer and make it run at its highest efficiency. Once you purchase this ddr2 with warranty, you can get it replaced or repaired in case of any malfunction or defect.

Memory Capacity

This 1 GB ddr2 will allow you to work on multiple applications simultaneously. Therefore, it makes multi-tasking smooth and seamless. It ensures that your system�s performance is not affected while using heavy applications. It features a DDR2 memory with 240 pin configuration. It is ideal for using high end softwares for video editing, gaming, etc. It has a memory speed of 667 Mhz. Therefore, it can read and write data at a considerable speed. It has an unbuffered memory which is proven to enhance its speed and efficiency. This Kingston ddr2 RAM uses SDRAM technology and has a 64 x 128 MB DRAM Structure.


This Kingston ddr2 RAM is designed to operate at a voltage of 1.8 volt. This implies that it consumes power efficiently and therefore retains the charge of your laptop for a longer period of time. It also ensures that the laptop does not get heated up in cases of intensive use. It has an extremely low CAS latency of 5. Therefore, it boots the system and launches application without any delay. It has a burst length of 4. A low burst length ensures that the lag time is low. This reliable ddr2 features a DIMM memory and works efficiently with heavy files.

Compatibility and Durability

This Kingston ddr2 RAM comes in the dimension 13 x 2 cm (L x H). It has a compact size and therefore occupies less space. It is very light and will not make your system bulky. It is compatible with all computers and desktops. This durable ddr2 is made with high grade material and is guaranteed to offer long lasting usage. It is designed to deliver a high performance and reliability.

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Other Important Features

If you are looking for a cost effective way to enhance the performance of your computer / desktop, this DDR2 is a commendable choice. Shop online on Snapdeal for Kingston ddr2 RAM and get the most out of your computer

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