Klaraz Storez Announces the Release of New Music Singles

Klaraz Storez Limited has announces the release of three music singles: "I Live In Victory Land," "Praise the Lord: I am Restored" and "I Will Praise The Lord." The songs are available at major music stores.

Nottingham, United Kingdom, May 19, 2020 --( Klaraz Storez Limited has announced the release of three musical singles titled, "I Live in Victory," "Praise the Lord: I am Restored" and "I Will Praise The Lord." The singles are distributed by Ditto, a music distribution company and are available online in all major music stores all over the world.

The company director, Felix Odiogor-Odoh, broke the news at a meeting of the directors and staff, and said, "Public and fans can find the songs in all major music stores like iTunes store, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer and Tidal."

He also said, "The public can download or stream the music depending on the operations of each store. This is a very remarkable development and the company hopes to make rapid progress in its promotion operations in the months ahead working with more artists."

The director said, "The coronavirus is seriously impacting on the lives of many people and businesses all over the world. Music can play a big role in uplifting and inspiring people during these uncertain times and encourage them to look forward to better days ahead. Many people are now passing through a disturbing time in their lives which can affect their mental and physical health; with the pandemic ravaging many countries and many people out of work, music can be a good and helpful companion for everyone.”

Klaraz Storez Limited is based in the UK and carries on various businesses including retail, business consultancy, business promotion and publishing. Klaraz Storez Limited plans to promote the work of many artists to reach various listeners outside their immediate neighbourhood by offering affordable and accessible service to them.

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