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Kyoto City creates new page to promote the city’s efforts in English and reach a wider overseas audience

Facebook page and Medium being used to disseminate information!

Renewal of foreign language website (English) for donations

KYOTO, Japan--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Kyoto City is calling for donations from a wide range of people, including those living overseas and foreign tourists visiting Kyoto in the future. Accordingly, the city has renewed its foreign language website for donations (the page requesting donations and the page where donors enter payment information, etc.) which was created on the city's website last August, and has established a new overseas information page to provide information about Kyoto City's activities in English.

To direct people to the pages, the city has established a new English version of its Facebook page and is strengthening efforts to communicate the appeal and value of Kyoto in English by utilizing Medium, the world's largest English-language publishing platform.

Kyoto will continue to make a citywide effort to create new connections with people around the world through donations.

1 Renewal of the Kyoto City website (renewed on November 28)

(1) Foreign language website for donations (renewal)

URL: Kyoto City Official Website

New pages on culture, traditional industries, and landscapes have been established to clearly state the purpose of accepting donations from overseas (page on traditional industries shown in the photo).

(2) Overseas information page (newly established)

URL: Kyoto City Official Website

Strengthening the communication of various aspects of Kyoto as a historical city, cultural capital, sustainable city, university town, etc., by preparing and disseminating content in English.

2 Dissemination using the City of Kyoto-City Promotion Facebook page

(Newly created; launched November 28)

URL: https://www.facebook.com/cityofkyoto
Communicating the appeal of Kyoto, which goes beyond sightseeing, in English to a wide audience.

3 Dissemination on Medium (English publishing platform)

(Newly created; articles to start being published in December)

URL: https://medium.com/@kyotocity
Information about Kyoto, such as articles on the appeal of living in a traditional Kyoto machiya collected through interviews, etc. will be disseminated on a trial basis (photo is a sample).


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