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Launch of Out of Bounds: TFAM Expansion

Moving beyond imagination, expanding art into the unknown

TAIPEI, Taiwan--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#TaipeiFineArtsMuseum--Following several years of preparation, Taipei Fine Arts Museum announces the initiation of its two phase expansion project titled Out of Bounds: TFAM Expansion. As Taiwan's first modern and contemporary art museum, the Museum�s collection and exhibition spaces have been in urgent need of expansion to accommodate the several decades of growth experienced by Taiwan's rich and energetic art community. The Museum completed in 1983, together with the new collection storage area and second building, will gradually expand Taiwan's contemporary art vista.

Consisting of two basement levels, the new collections vault will be integrated with the current collection storage area. The collections will be stored in separate areas equipped with specific environmental controls to provide suitable and stable safekeeping for each work. By building this new collection storage facility, the Museum will actively promote research and conservation education, as well as advance the protection of the rich collection of modern and contemporary artworks the museum holds.

In the second phase of the Museum expansion, a new exhibition building will also be built underground, adjacent to the existing museum. The ground level will become a metropolitan park where art and nature commingle, establishing a new urban landmark for art education and public recreation. Responding to contemporary art's dynamics, the new building will include black boxes and other galleries dedicated to facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration and the creation of new art methodologies. Furthermore, an interactive learning space will be included, aiming to be an incubator of innovative arts as well as a hub of art education for future generations. Once the expansion completes, the main building will be positioned as a strategic center for research on the history of Taiwanese art, with permanent and thematic exhibitions of historically significant Taiwanese art from the collection on view.

From white cubes to black boxes, from modernist architecture to subterranean and invisible buildings, TFAM Expansion not only subverts fixed ideas of building expansion, but also makes clear the Museum's pioneering and comprehensive move toward hybrid and unknown art. The Taipei Fine Arts Museum expects to actively explore different practices, gradually construct new methodologies, and collaboratively expand art into the unknown while becoming an important hub driving the development of Asian art.

For more information, please refer to: http://expansion.tfam.museum/index_en.html


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