Leading Swiss Medical Resort Joins Healing Hotels of the World Swiss Mountain Clinic Offers a Wide Range of Doctors and Practitioners Focusing on Holistic Health

The newest member of the Healing Hotels of the World is the Swiss Mountain Clinic, an international center for regulative and functional medicine located in the Alpine village of Castaneda in Switzerland. With a focus on holistic health, the Swiss Mountain Clinic has more than 30 years of experience in functional medicine, and offers several intensive packages designed to prevent disease as well as to regulate and detoxify the body.

Cologne, Germany, August 31, 2019 --( “We are so pleased to join Healing Hotels of the World, which perfectly encompasses our core competencies,” says Dr. Petra Wiechel, Chief Physician at Swiss Mountain Clinic. “Healing our guests is at the core of everything we do, from special one-week liver cleanse programs to a customized 21-day program.”

The Swiss Mountain Clinic not only offers programs on prevention, but also to address specific conditions, including autoimmune diseases, metabolic disorders and cancer. Working alongside Dr. Petra Wiechel is her daughter, Dr. Friderike Wiechel, as well as a host of specialists and visiting practitioners. The clinic offers help for those with illnesses ranging from lyme disease to fibromyalgia, heavy metal poisoning, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, burnout and even cancer.

“We call ourselves a health clinic because we don’t stop with the topic of illness,” says Dr. Friderike Wiechel. “Every person is different and it is our goal to understand the root cause of everyone’s condition. With our variety of diagnostics, treatments and therapies, we aim to bring the body back into balance because a healthy body can heal itself.”

Visiting practitioners and experts regularly collaborate with the Swiss Mountain Clinic, including Robyn Openshaw, nutritionist and author of "The Green Smoothie Diet"; Ben Greenfield, an ex-bodybuilder, Ironman triathlete, obstacle course racer, human performance consultant, and author of the New York Times bestseller "Beyond Training"; Magdalena Wszelaki, a health coach specializing in cooking and lifestyle for hormone health, and the founder of the popular Hormones Balance online community; Dr. Ken West, who specializes in integrating the mind, body and spiritual connection, and has addressed challenges in sports performance, A.D.D., A.D.H.D, and learning disabilities; and Dr. Thomas O’Bryan, a bestselling author specialized in recovering from autoimmune conditions and known as a “Sherlock Holmes” for chronic disease.

In addition, the Alpine location provides the perfect atmosphere to rest and recharge, providing an organic and gluten-free diet, an EMF-reduced environment, and pure mountain spring water.

“The Swiss Mountain Clinic is a very special place,” says Anne Biging, Co-Founder of the Healing Hotels of the World. “They offer comprehensive diagnostics, but importantly, they also see each person individually, and look at their health as a complete system. The peaceful mountain setting is also key to the clinic’s healing, as are the many offerings beyond the medical treatments.”

Guests are offered free lectures by physicians and therapists, morning meditation, afternoon exercise classes, and gala concerts on Fridays. The clinic has more than 25 spacious, modern double rooms, all facing south and with a covered balcony or patio.

“We hear that many guests who come to the Swiss Mountain Clinic are what they call ‘out-treated’ – they’ve tried everything from the perspective of classical medicine, and are looking for answers on their own journey,” says Elisabeth Ixmeier, Co-Founder of Healing Hotels of the World. “We love that the clinic is a place of hope, and a place for learning about the body and mind holistically.”

About Healing Hotels of the World: Healing Hotels of the World is a global brand with more than 100 hotels and resorts worldwide committed to healing. It was founded by Anne Biging and Elisabeth Ixmeier in 2006 to promote the extraordinary potential these hotels and resorts offer to change the lives of their guests for the better. As hubs of a holistic lifestyle, Healing Hotels are comprised of passionate advocates for all facets of this lifelong and enriching endeavor.

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