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LECIP Partner With IVU for High Performance Ticketing Validator

IVU deploys LECIP LV-700 validator to enhance their IVU.suite�s ticketing solution

GOTHENBURG, Sweden--(BUSINESS WIRE)--A modern standard device for e-ticketing � the EMV Level 2 Certified LECIP Validator �LV-700� provides public transport authorities with great access to contactless ticketing. The state-of-the-art validator is compliant with VDV-KA and a great enhancement to the end-to-end ticketing solutions from the IVU.suite. LECIP Arcontia AB has agreed to supply IVU Traffic Technologies AG with the LV-700 validator as an integrated part of their IVU.suite product line-up.

LECIP ARCONTIA AB and IVU Traffic Technologies AG have concluded a non-exclusive partnership on the distribution of LECIP�s on-board validator �LV-700� which IVU will offer as part of their integrated, one-stop solution IVU.suite. Being EMV L1/L2 compliant, LV-700 will provide a wide variety of payment solutions as an important device of contactless ticketing solutions.

The LV-700 series is designed for fast and smooth cashless and contactless payment with a high-speed processor and large capacity memory for demanding ticket data processing. Contactless payment by using credit cards has become very popular around the globe, preventing crimes such as skimming, and making payment more convenient and secure.

Within the IVU.suite, the IVU.validator-branded LV-700 will play an important role supporting the end-to-end ticketing solutions IVU.fare and IVU.ticket as well as the driver operated on-board computer IVU.ticket.box. By enabling the customers to make quick and uncomplicated cashless payments, the IVU.validator takes some of the pressure from the driver and makes boarding faster.

�As we are migrating our platform to Linux we are excited to be partnering with LECIP Arcontia and start implementing their LV-700 in our upcoming projects,� says Henrik Benner, Head of Equipment Development at IVU Traffic Technologies AG. �Thanks to its VDV-KA compliance and its future proof technology, the validator is a great tool for a more contactless future, and we are looking forward to introducing it to our customers.�

LECIP ARCONTIA AB, a subsidiary of LECIP HOLDINGS CORPORATION (TOKYO: 7213) of Gifu, Japan, operates globally to deliver contactless smart card products and solutions for Automated Fare Collection System (AFC). We develop and distribute smart card readers and terminals used in over 40 countries. Our focus is to deliver reliable, high quality contactless smart card products, and implement software services featuring the latest technology and market requirements in e-ticketing and payment.


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