LG 285 Ltr GL-D302JPFL Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator – Pearl Florid for Rs.24,990

LG 285 Ltr GL-D302JPFL Frost Free Double Door RefrigeratorThe LG 285 Ltr GL-D302JPFL Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator is the perfect addition to your kitchen. It features top LED lights inside, for better visibility. The refrigerator is eco friendly and emits few carbons. It features a moist balance crisper that helps keep vegetables crisp and fresh. It has a four star rating, it works at maximum power efficiency.

This 4 star LG frost free refrigerator features LG exclusive smart connect feature that helps connect your referigerator to run on home inverter which consumes power less than 2 CFL bulbs during power cut. It is also equipped with new smart inverter compressor which saves energy upto 36 percent. With ever fresh zone and moist balance crisper the fruits and vegetable remains fresher for a longer time. Additionaly It has the ability to work without a stabilizer.

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LG's New Smart Inverter Compressor is one of the most advanced and energy efficient compressor that saves energy upto 36%* by adjusting cooling power in response to the amount of food you load in the refrigerator which provides efficient energy consumption. Designed to give you unmatched performance, great savings and super silent operation, the New Smart Inverter Compressor is yet another delightful innovation for your convenience.

The LG Refrigerator initiative focuses on environmentally sustainable solutions through Eco-Design and Eco-Products, reduction of hazardous materials and addressing global climate change like Global Warming.Our product emits less carbon and don't harm the Ozone layer, so that we've a greener tomorrow!

Convertible BoxA separate compartment which keeps your food fresh and healthy where you can control the temperature of Veg or Non-Veg items by adjusting the lever to the left side for fresh fruits and vegetables and right side for non veg items Storage (Temp Range is -1 Deg C to 4 Deg C).

This is a special lattice-type box cover which maintains moisture at an optimum level. Moisture from stored food is evaporated and then condensed on the lattice, maintaining the correct balance of moisture in the box.

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