LG F10E3NDL25 Fully-automatic Front-loading Washing Machine (6 Kg, Luxury Silver) for Rs.25,934

LG F10E3NDL25 Fully-automatic Front-loading Washing MachineThis LG washer with its advanced fuzzy logic technology senses the wash environment and adjusts the wash cycle to give your clothes the perfect wash. The 300mm portable and 180 degree door opening angle allows you to conveniently handle bulky wash loads. With baby care you can ensure the most hygienic wash for your child's clothes. The unique LG direct drive motor ensures minimal noise and vibration, more durability and energy saving.


In LG washing machine with Inverter Direct Drive Technology, the motor is directly attached to the drum without using a belt or pulley. Lesser mechanical parts ensures least energy dissipation which enhances the washing performance,ensures minimal noise and vibration,more durability and energy saving.

Durable Heater

Because of Durable Heater, there are less problems, therefore the LG Washer with Durable Heater maintains its performance even longer.

Time Delay

Time delay is an option that allows you to load the washing machine and have it start at a time according to your electricity and water availability at a later time. The maximum time delay is 19 hours.

Pre Wash

The clothes are given a preliminary wash and dirty water is drained out to removes the toughest of the stains & dirt.

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