LinkChain Tech Exchanges 260M LinkToken for RMB 2.6 Billion-worth of Shares of Sevenstar Bay Yacht Club, and Initiates Node Recruitment

Media OutReach - July 23,
2019 - LinkChain Tech and Sevenstar Bay Yacht Club Stock Rights Transfer
Convention and LinkChain Global Partnership Initiative held
in Hong
Kong, China.

Li Linwei, CEO of LinkChain Tech, and Li Jian,
Executive Director of Sevenstar Bay Yacht Club, signed an equity transfer
agreement and announced the world's first and biggest deal of the digital asset
transferring real asset based on a single LinkToken's value of 10 yuan.
LinkChain Tech will acquire 36% of the Sevenstar Bay Yacht Club stock rights
with 260 million LinkToken. With the deal finished, both parties would
collectively promote the development of blockchain technology to enable digital
economy and create a new form of marine economy in the GBA.

The conference also launched the global node
recruitment plan for LinkChain. LinkChain Tech plans to invest not less than 20
million LinkToken as node rewards throughout the year.
LinkChain Tech
hopes to join hands with global partners to build LinkChain, and create an
unprecedented ecosystem of the world's first commercial blockchain,
Li Linwei puts, and
jointly share 100 billion-level shared computing dividends

In this deal, 36% stock rights of the Sevenstar Bay
Yacht Club
will be
transferred to LinkChain Tech
with 260
million LinkToken, which is part of the 293 million LinkToken

destroyed by the former project operator and regenerated by LinkChain Tech
when it took over the business operation right,
according to industry practices. This transfer, worth 2.6 billion yuan, is also
believed to be the world's largest purchase of real asset with digital asset.

About LinkChain Tech

As a leading technological innovator, LinkChain Tech is
committed to technological breakthroughs in the realm of blockchain, cloud
computing and digital citizenship and economy. LinkChain is a brand new public
chain created by LinkChain Tech, carrying LinkToken, LinkToken Pocket,
LinkToken Mall and other businesses, committed to be the world's top commercial
public blockchain, providing fast and secure blockchain infrastructure for
various applications, especially those require privacy.

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