LOHAS Market Survey Reveals Health Aware Consumers Use Natural, Safe, Non-Toxic Bug Repellents

LOHAS Market Survey Reveals Health Aware Consumers Use Natural, Safe, Non-Toxic Bug Repellents

Health conscious consumers are naturally taking steps to protect their family and pets from mosquitoes & ticks according to recent Market LOHAS Survey research.

Online PR News � 29-June-2017 � Outdoor season is here and health conscious consumers are using natural & organic bug repellent products to protect their family and pets from mosquitoes & ticks, according to Market LOHAS (Lifestyle Of Health And Sustainability) Survey research conducted for Cape Cod All Natural, maker of safe & effective repellent products.

Around 2 in 3 healthy natural consumers reported using bug repellent products in 2017 - three fourths purchasing natural & organic mosquito & tick repellents in 2017, similar to 2016 levels despite a dip recorded at the height of the Zika Virus. Only one in five use Chemical/DEET insect/tick repellent (18%) - down significantly from the (35%) recorded in 2016. Around 1 in 7 are DIY-ers making their own bug repellent.

Key LOHAS Consumer Repellent Survey Findings

Two in three or more healthy green-minded consumers rated Saving the Bees - Decline in Honey Bee Colony (76%) and Climate Change (66%) as key concerns. More than 1 in 3 health aware consumers were concerned about Lyme Disease (36%) and 1 in 4 said the Zika Virus was a concern (25%).

- Top factors when buying Insect/Tick Repellents include: Non-Toxic & Safe for kids & pets,free of DEET & chemicals and Tested/It Works!

- Active health conscious consumers typically used mosquito & tick repellent while Hiking/Walking in the Woods, Walking Outdoors, Gardening & doing Yard Work, Camping and at the Beach.

- Shoppers were interested in a variety of repellent products from Spray On (84%) to Lotion (43%) and Travel 'on the go' products(33%).

- Consumers typically buy mosquito/tick repellents at a variety of stores and outlets including Target, Online, Whole Foods/Natural Retail Chains & local health/natural stores, among about 1 in 4.

- When asked to choose between (proven effective) skin based bug repellents, insect/tick bug repellent clothing (odor free) or a combination, half picked skin-based repellents (49%). Four in ten chose a combination of skin repellents & safe bug repellent clothing (39%).

"Healthy repellent customers tell us they are looking for safe, natural, deet-free mosquito & tick repellent alternatives that work," according to Don Rogers, head of R & D for Cape Cod All Natural Repellents.

The Market LOHAS Natural and Organic Repellent Annual Surveys were fielded online among a subset of 1000 Mambotrack health-conscious consumer panelists by Market LOHAS, leaders in health/eco shopper marketing research, brand visibility and content marketing solutions.

Buy complete 2017 Market LOHAS Health & Natural Consumer Study Report for $995 with custom Bug Repellent insights. The Study also includes Organic, Non-GMO and Gluten Free shopper marketing insights and Plant-based Vegan & Meatless Vegetarian buying trends. The study features insights into Healthy Food Supply & Climate concerns, Health & Wellness Influencers, Healthy Dietary Patterns, Healthy Natural Online Shopping (e.g.,Amazon,Thrive Market) & Meal Kit Delivery Services,Coupon Promotions and Natural Home & Garden Trends. Green sustainable patterns were examined & SRI investments were also probed in the LOHAS Waymark Wealth Management Conscious Consumer Quick Poll.

Contact Market LOHAS Consulting at or follow us on Twitter to learn about healthy natural consumer insights, green shopper marketing, research and content marketing solutions or to purchase the full 2017 Market LOHAS Health & Natural Consumer Survey Report and custom healthy shopper profiles.

About Market LOHAS (Lifestyle Of Health And Sustainability)
Leaders in health/eco shopper marketing research, brand visibility and content marketing solutions fielded the 2017 Market LOHAS MamboTrack Natural and Organic Consumer Survey online among 1,000 core health-conscious shopper panelists in December 2016.

About Cape Cod All Natural Repellents
The 'farmer's market'repellent brand. Our line of Cape Cod Natural repellent products are safe, effective repellents, spray lotion, dryer sheets & pet shampoo is good for people, our furry pet friends and the planet. Our products use a proprietary form of Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus, EPA registered as a safe effective alternative to DEET.

Source / Study Contact: Market LOHAS Consulting

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SOURCE: Market LOHAS Consulting

Market LOHAS Study Contacts: Karen Herther 978-635-5411 or Bethany Stanley 913-991-2972

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