London’s Latest Brow Trend, Brow Lamination Moves to Beckton

Celebs all over the planet have been using a secret service to get the perfect brow for decades, but now eyebrow lamination is available to the public, with a local beautician opening in Beckton, east London.

Beckton, United Kingdom, July 28, 2020 --( “Brow lamination has been around for decades, it very simply lifts, straightens and shapes the brow hairs in the desired shape, along with some personalised brow shaping and tinting and voila, you have the perfect brow,” explained Emma, owner of Big Beautiful Brows based in Beckton. The service is designed to give clients a natural yet perfected brow shape and style, with the public only just hearing about brow lamination, the industry is set to explode.

“The process itself takes around 45 minutes, and the best part is it can be done on absolutely anyone, even those with very little natural brows leave shocked with the results when I am finished with them,” said Emma, owner of Big Beautiful Brows, “because it lifts and straightens the brow from the root of the hairs, even the smallest amount of hairs can be lifted to create a much desired brow, as the brows visually look longer and darker with an added tint.”

Celebrities are all rocking a more natural, fuller brow in 2020, many growing out older styled thin brows and replacing them with their natural shape, but with a slight tweak. “Brows naturally grow in every direction other than up, by lifting brow hairs up, you lift the brow, tidy up the hairs by setting them all in the same direction and this in turn actually helps open up the eyes and shape the face which in itself usually makes the client look more youthful. Eyebrows shape your entire face, which is why so many of us look back in horror at our past eyebrow styles, because not only have many of us badly shaped our brows in the past, those bad brows mess with your entire face structure, and so nothing is better for your symmetry and face structure than a well-shaped and lifted pair of eyebrows,” explained the owner of Big Beautiful Brows, Beckton.

If you are looking for a beauty treatment after months in lockdown, it seems eyebrow lamination is the one to go for and if you are close to Beckton, Big beautiful Brows is the place to go.

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