Looking for Some Top-Notch inverters at budget-friendly inverter for home price? Here are the Best Inverters to Look

Inverters have moved on from being bulky pieces of hardware to becoming more aesthetically pleasing, while the power quotient has up, the machines have become leaner so that they can add aesthetic value to your home, and not stick out like a sore thumb.

If you are looking for an inverter for home price that’s budget friendly and also delivers the punch that you expect, then we are here with 5 inverter models that are sure to make heads turn once you get them home.

Luminous Zelio 1100 Inverter and RC18000 150 Ah Tubular Battery

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It’s a powerful combination of 12V, 756 Watt, with a capacity of 900 VA. And a 150 AH, 12V tall tubular battery that can support up to 3 CFL, 3 Tube Lights, 3 Ceiling Fans. 1 Television, and 1 Air cooler, making it an ideal choice for smaller households. It’s a sine wave inverter that comes with a digital display, and a 32-bit onboard DSP processor that offers incredible protection against overload, short-circuit, reverse polarity, deep discharge, etc. The unit comes with a 24 month and 36-month warranty on the inverter and battery respectively.

Luminous Zolt 1100 Inverter + RC 18000 150 Ah Tubular Battery

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This 12V, 900 VA inverter comes bundled with a 12V, 150 Ah tall tubular battery that can support a maximum bulb load of 756 watt. It’s a sine wave inverter with a 32-bit onboard DSP processor making it an intelligent unit. The combo offers extreme protection against overcharge and delivers a superior performance even during long and frequent power cuts. Moreover, the unit comes with a safety alarm that offers protection against short-circuits, faults and surges in current.

Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Inverter & ILTT18048N 150 Ah Tubular Battery

The Luminous Zelio+ and ILTT18048N is a combination of the class leading 12V inverter with a 900 VA capacity, and a max bulb load of 756 watt. It comes with a 12V, 150 Ah battery. The sine wave inverter has a digital display with a running load of 1 Fridge, 1 LED TV, 3 Fans, 2 Tube Lights, 1 LED bulb. You get a 24 month and 60-month warranty for the inverter and battery respectively.

Luminous Eco Volt Neo 1050 Inverter & SC 18054 150Ah Tubular Battery

The budget-friendly inverter comes with a maximum bulb load of 756 watt and has a 900 VA capacity. It’s married to a small 12V, 150 Ah tubular battery making it a compact unit for smaller households. The sine wave inverter comes with adaptive battery charging control technology and offers superior performance with a long service life. If you are looking for an inverter battery combo that’s both small, powerful, and easy on your pocket; then this is the ideal inverter battery combo that you should get for your home.

There you go, if you were hunting for an inverter battery combo at an affordable inverter battery for home price, then these products offer you maximum value for money in terms of reliability, efficiency, service life, and maintenance costs. Luminous has a range of inverter battery units that are available across a range of power and budget options. They have been industry leaders in the segment and are known for their innovation and brand value. So, if you are someone who wants nothing short of the absolute best, then explore the complete lineup of products from Luminous.

Check for other models also and pick the one that you think is ideal for your power requirement and budget today!

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