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Lost and Delayed Luggage Surge in Africa, Asia & Middle East. Buenos Aires Ranks #1 Worst, Says Sostravel.com Data

  • Passenger traffic was up 67% in the holiday season 2022 vs. 2021
  • Sostravel.com Lost Luggage Index climbed by 101% in the same period
  • European and U.S. destinations are still safer, with a contraction of reported lost, and delayed luggage
  • Africa, Asia & Middle East spiked by 31% above passenger traffic
  • Buenos Aires ranks #1 worst airport for luggage arrivals in Sostravel.com’s network
  • Havana José Martí Airport improved the most, with a drop of 67% YoY

ROME--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#BaggageTracing--November 25, 2022, to January 6, 2023 airlines and airports lost, damaged, or delayed an exceptional number of checked bags, with a 101% increase from a year ago, while air traffic was up only 67% YoY, with Buenos Aires, named as the worst offender.

“A lot of passengers had to break up with their bags last holiday season, as airlines and airports struggled to keep up with demand amid a combination of staffing shortages and air traffic control problems”, says Edoardo Zarghetta from Sostravel.com. But lost luggage is unfortunately nothing new, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated an old problem.”

Worst Overall Destinations for Luggage

The global trend indicated by last holiday season Sostravel.com Lost Luggage Index, Europe remains the number one safest spot when it comes to baggage loss, probably due to airports and airlines being able to retain more staff, compared to the U.S. and Asia, Middle East, and Asia, where more workers were fired during the COVID-19 pandemic. The worst airports, with the most problems for luggage, as revealed by Sostravel.com data are:

  1. Ezeiza, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  2. Hariri, Beirut, Lebanon

Africa, where luggage melts in the Sun, though Buenos Aires top the charts with the worst performance.

Italy on the contrary did particularly well at staying out of trouble: the Mediterranean country continues to dominate the top of the list of Top Overall Destinations last holiday season.

Sostravel.com Lost Luggage Index

Sostravel.com first-hand proprietary data, shows the routes, airlines, and airports where bags have a better — or worse chance of reuniting with their owners.

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