LoyaltyXpert Launches Influencer Loyalty Programs

The loyalty programs agency has recently launched solutions that can help firms retain influencers and keep them motivated with a unique rewards system.

Ahmedabad, India, August 12, 2020 --( Low purchase frequency is a primary concern for brands. There is often a gap of several months between the first and later purchases. Offering too many discounts to attract consumers may not prove to be appropriate. Thus, companies are looking into other alternatives. Fostering a like minded community by supporting influencers and brand advocates can be the best option. These influencers can bridge the gap between the first and second purchase by motivating users to buy more. So, attracting and rewarding all influencers is crucial. This is where influencer loyalty programs come into the picture.

�In this era of social networking sites, purchase decisions can be influenced even with the help of the Instagram post. And influencers, as well as micro-influencers, play a crucial role in promoting the brand. Traditional compensation or rewards systems may not keep them happy for longer. To make matters worse, smaller businesses cannot afford to compete with larger firms that reward and retain top influencers. So, SMEs need to stick to micro-influencers and brand advocates. Micro-influencers appear genuine and authentic in front of the consumers. They can improve a company�s social media presence and help in creating a brand identity. Keeping them engaged and happy is crucial. Thankfully, tailored influencer loyalty programs created with loyalty program software can do the trick. Firms can offer rewards according to the influencer�s post-engagement stats, ability to divert traffic to the firm�s portal, the number of followers, videos and posts uploaded daily, etc. You can also reward them via cash-transfer using the app,� said the executive from LoyaltyXpert during a recent teleconference.

The COVID-19 crisis has influenced the way people spend their hard-earned money. Shoppers prefer buying stuff that�s of primary importance in their day-to-day life. They prefer buying from brands that care about society and offer a human touch through their campaigns. Thanks to their emotional connection, influencers and brand advocates still manage to influence buyer decisions during the pandemic. They were able to keep consumers engaged with their content on the phone screens during multiple lockdown periods. So, retaining them is crucial.

If you need software solutions that can chart-out the best possible loyalty programs and retention strategies for your firm, you should contact LoyaltyXpert. The agency has helped several companies with solutions that assist in developing loyalty programs for customers, channel partners, and influencers.

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