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LUMOSITY – Best App to train your Brain

LUMOSITY - Best App to train your BrainThe developers of this app are claiming that, using this app which will improve your brain's effectiveness, memory and speed. Simply we can say it as "A complete workout for Brain". This app contains simple and cute games which are made by scientists and psychologists to make your brain sharp and effective. The app will be producing results based on your performance on every game/workout. You can simply analyze your own brain's capability by the results shown. It consists of daily workouts specially designed for each and every member based on their unique performances.

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This app is absolutely free so you can directly download it from playstore or at the end you can have the file. There is a small introduction about the app's working. These things show the developers are very clear about their app's working plan. Some screens showing the working of the app and then it directly leading to sign up process. Once everything is finished you can go to the next level to setup the app.

You can sign up using your facebook account or normal mail-id process. Here I created with my mail-id. In the next step the app is asking about our age and Educational/ Job status which are not quite on these kinds of apps. It really looks promising, as they justify the working of workouts based on our brain fitness level and age group. Having a 70 million members promotion poster on the screen it makes me very excited.

It requires some time to set up the app for its desired working. You need to complete three tasks at initial stage to complete the app's setup process. It takes a lot of time as compared to other apps as they directly introduce the workouts.

Basic fitness test, learning about brain and getting your training program are the three tasks to be completed at first. Even though it's taking time the tests are simple games which will keep you more involved on this app. Each and every game is explained well about it's reason to play and its desired result.

After the completion of entire setup its heading towards the daily workout section. Here the developers are wisely taken a decision on preparing the game topics. A game without a reason to play and calling it as a workout for brain is really unfair. Here they are giving reasons for playing every single game which makes this app a unique one. Performance tracking and Personalized daily workouts are other main things in this app.

The main theme of this app is to improve your brain by playing scientific games. Each and every game definitely have an impact while playing, but it doesn't mean our brain is improving so the developers created a new term called LPI (Lumosity Performance Index). Psychologically this makes the user to play more games to improve LPI which leads to increase the user's brain attributes. A great strategy and it really worked well. Only three workouts are allowed per day as it's a free version and five for premium users.

More games are available only for premium users is a major drawback of this app. Comparing your LPI with other members of same age group is an awesome feature in this app but locked in premium package. Scientifically proven games, various levels on every games and Justification for everything really forcing us to taste premium package even though it's costly

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