Maharashtra Plastic Ban 2018: Items Included & Exempted

The Environment Department of the Government of Maharashtra has recently issued the Maharashtra Plastic and
Thermocol Products (Manufacture, Usage, Sale, Transport, Handling and Storage) Notification, 2018 ("Plastic Ban
Notification") through which the manufacture, transport, distribution, wholesale and retail sale, usage, storage and import of certain plastic products has been prohibited. The Plastic Ban Notification has been issued by theĀ  government of Maharashtra by virtue of the powers derived from clauses (1) and (2) of section 4 of the Maharashtra Non-Biodegradable Garbage (Control) Act, 2006.

The reason cited for imposing a ban on such plastic products is the threat imposed on the environment due to the leaching of chemicals from plastic and the threat it imposes on humans and wildlife. Such prohibited products are those which contain high polymer and include plastic bags and pouches, disposable cutlery, plates and containers made of plastic and thermocol, non-woven polypropylene bags, plastic wraps, plastic and thermocol decorative items and plastic packaging for food items besides others. While the Plastic Ban Notification seeks to regulate all kinds of plastic products, it excludes compostable plastic bags, plastic used for packing medicines, plastic bags and products for export and food grade virgin plastic bags above 50 micron thickness

The Government of Maharashtra has issued the aforesaid Plastic Ban Notification on 23.03.2018 thereby providing a one month period for compliance and safe disposal of the banned plastic products by all concerned including manufacturers/ producers, sellers/ retailers/ traders, users as well as local bodies. Thereafter as per the powers provided under section 12 of the Maharashtra Non-Biodegradable Garbage (Control) Act, 2006 fines may be imposed on the violators.


Items Included in the Maharashtra Plastic Ban 2018

  • Plastic bags
  • Disposable plastic items like spoons, forks, cups, glasses, etc.
  • Disposable thermacol items like plates, glasses, bowls, containers
  • Plastic wrap used for packaging or storing products
  • Non-woven polypropylene bags
  • Plastic pouches for storing liquid
  • Plastic packaging for food items
  • Plastic & thermacol decorations

Items Exempted in the Maharashtra Plastic Ban 2018

  • Small PET bottles (0.5 litres)
  • Packaging material for medicines, solid waste, agriculture sector
  • Bags/Sheets used in plant nurseries
  • Food grade virgin plastic bags over 50 microns
  • Milk pouches over 50 microns
  • The plastic cover plastic to wrap the material at the manufacturing stage
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