Mango Animate Announces a New Program for Users to Create Animation Videos

Mango Animate has developed an animation video maker that users can utilize to create animation videos for business branding.

Hong Kong, China, September 17, 2020 --( Mango Animate has proudly announced the launch of Mango Animation Maker, a resourceful and powerful software program that enables users to create animation videos to build a strong brand image. The user-friendly interface, varied pre-templates, thousands of free assets, subtitle and recording capabilities, over 40 types of speaking roles, and a multi-track timeline allow users to create animation videos with full creative control.

"Creating animation videos can seem like a daunting task," said chief marketing officer of Mango Animate, Ken Glenn. "Our goal with Mango Animation Maker is to simplify the animation video making process to help our users create high-quality and on-brand content with ease."

Mango Animation Maker provides templates of all kinds to help businesses of any size create animation videos that are of high quality and align seamlessly with the brand's image. The 40 types of dynamic roles available make it simple for any brand to clearly convey their messages. Businesses can then act out their scripts lively with these animated characters such as teachers, businessmen, doctors, police officers, workers, customers, etc. Businesses are offered multiple options to create animation videos tailored to their specific needs, which will help them achieve successful brand building.

Mango Animation Maker, along with its features and resources, creates a recipe for engaging, interesting, and fully customizable animated content. With these features, users can create animation videos in four easy steps. First, select a template or choose to create something new. Then, add multimedia content, animate everything, and finally, the user can publish and share the video.

Mango Animation Maker offers three plans to fit every user’s needs. The free plan gives users limited access to Mango Animation Maker’s tools. For a one-time fee of $99, the Professional Version gives users more access to the available tools, like built-in speaking roles, scenes, backgrounds, cameras, royalty-free vector images, removable watermarks, and more. The Enterprise plan, for $299, grants unlimited access to all of Mango Animation Maker's services.

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