Mantra Softech Was Honored with the InterCon Top 50 Innovator Awards 2019

Mantra Softech India Pvt. Ltd. won the Intercon Top50 Innovator's Award 2019 for bringing Innovation in the field of biometric technology in India to meet the new and evolving security demands of today & tomorrow through secure identity management services.

Ahmedabad, India, October 25, 2019 --( Mantra Softech India Pvt. Ltd. has been conferred with the prestigious InterCon Top 50 Innovator Awards for significant contribution of the company in the world of innovation that shapes the future of technology. The award was presented at the InterCon 2019 edition held in Dubai.

Internet Conference known as InterCon is a platform that intends to bring together innovators with novel perspectives from across the globe that has made substantial contributions through their innovation in the realm of technology. InterCon awards recognize and honor the most respected companies across the globe for bringing technological innovation in sophisticated world of technology.

Mantra Softech was founded in 2006 by two Indian techno commercial brothers � Mr. Hiren Bhandari (Technical Director) and Mr. Bhavyen Bhandari (Project Director). Mantra is one of the leading Biometric and RFID products & solutions providers in India, specialized in biometric hardware engineering and design.

The company develops, designs, & delivers innovative products & solutions wherein they also launched four new-generation biometric devices � MORPHS60 (multi-fingerprint scanner), MFSTAB-II (seamless biometric time-attendance & access control device), MOXA7 (portable biometric identification device) and MATIS DX (advanced dual iris scanner).

Recently, mTerminal100 - Mantra�s innovative biometric POS terminal was awarded with 9th CII Design Excellence Awards in �Industrial Design: Electronic, Computer & Communication Products� category for its slick, unique design. The UP Government has implemented this award winning device mTerminal100 at nearly 19,661 fair price shops in the Western Uttar Pradesh, serving collectively 8.6 million eligible families in the region. Mantra was also awarded with the ELCINA Awards 2019 for Excellence in Electronics Innovation. Taking into consideration such innovations and achievements, Mantra was honoured with the InterCon Top 50 Innovator Awards 2019.

When asked about the future endeavors, Mr. Hiren Bhandari, said, �With groundbreaking innovations and cutting-edge technologies, we are moving ahead with the technological shift by adding new advanced and innovative products in our kitty every year. We are also planning to add the next-generation biometric-based POS terminals and Kiosk machines in our product portfolio.�

Instead of depending on outsourced processes, the company has developed its proprietary manufacturing unit in India, which makes the firm one of the largest and only biometric device manufacturer across the nation. Mantra has vastly expanded its International presence across South East Asia, the Middle East, and Africa with a highly experienced, certified, and multilingual team of professionals.

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