Marhaba, Celoxis Project Management Software Now Available in Arabic

Celoxis Technologies announces the release of Arabic language support for its award-winning project management software.

Pune, India, September 25, 2018 --( Celoxis, the world leader in online project management software, announced today the release of the Arabic language support. With the addition of the Arabic language, Celoxis now supports eight languages, which also includes Spanish, French, German, Chinese (Simplified), Portuguese, Russian and English.

Unaware to many people, Arab is not a race referring to people from a particular geographic area; instead, it is a cultural term describing the people who speak Arabic as their native language. There are, in fact, 22 Arab countries that span over Western Asia, North Africa, and the Horn of Africa. Arabic is the fifth most used language globally, spoken by almost 420 million people worldwide and is also one of the six official languages used in UN meetings. It is fascinating to know that the language has existed for over 1,500 years and the term "Algebra" in Mathematics is derived from the Arabic word "al-jabr" meaning "reunion of broken parts."

"A culture that is so welcoming and rich in family tradition, music, and food, is also embracing SaaS and cloud-based technologies in a big way," said Nikhil Daddikar, Co-founder, Celoxis Technologies. "Like how not all Indians still ride on elephants or are snake charmers, not all Arabs ride camels or live in tents. In fact, the past few years have seen MENA turn into one of the most promising startup hubs leading a new generation of tech-savvy enterprises," he continued. "According to BMI Research and Gartner, the IT spending in Arabic speaking nations is projected to reach $155 billion by the end of 2018, and the demand for SaaS applications is going to grow annually at 18.2% from 2016 to 2020," added Ravindra Wankar, the other co-founder.

In 2017, when McAfee surveyed 1,400 professionals globally, 125 of which were from either Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates, a whopping 98% of those 125 respondents reported using a SaaS or cloud-based service. This number was higher than the global average of 93%.

"And, we know how important it is to work in one's native language. Behind the scenes, we have been working hard to meet the translation needs of our diverse customer base and are all very excited to roll out the entire Celoxis experience in Arabic. The introduction of support for the Arabic language makes it more comfortable and immersive for our Arabic friends. And, that also makes us the first project management software to support the Arabic language!" exclaimed Nikhil Daddikar.

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About Celoxis
Founded in 2001, Celoxis Technologies is among the top three project management software applications in the world. They are one of India's first SaaS companies with more than 2,800 active global customers from various industry verticals. Available in both SaaS and On-Premise versions, Celoxis is highly rated by customers with a 9.6 customer happiness index. To know more about Celoxis, visit

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