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MATTR Now Available on Auth0 Marketplace

Restoring trust and confidence in digital interactions using portable digital credentials

AUCKLAND, New Zealand--(BUSINESS WIRE)--MATTR, a provider of verifiable data and digital trust solutions, today announced the availability of the MATTR VII platform on Auth0 Marketplace, a catalog of trusted technology integrations to extend the functionality of Auth0�s identity management platform.

The MATTR VII platform provides an integrated approach to decentralised identity and data ownership. It decouples a user�s identity from their service providers, delivering significant benefits to users and giving builders and developers all the tools they need to create a whole new universe of decentralized products and applications. MATTR VII is composable and configurable to fit developers� needs, whether it�s a well-established business with legacy systems or a start-up looking to build the next best thing in digital privacy.

�MATTR is pleased to partner with Auth0, and welcomes Auth0�s recognition that MATTR�s approach to decentralised identity and data ownership can provide a powerful way to extend and enhance investment already made in authentication and identity solutions,� said Claire Barber, CEO at MATTR. �We�re looking forward to seeing the innovation and value that these new tools are used to create.�

�It has been really exciting to work with MATTR on a newly-built partner integration for the Auth0 Marketplace. This best-in-class solution adds an integral layer to our platform that provides our customers with greater choice and flexibility,� said Cassio Sampaio, SVP of Product at Auth0. �After speaking with many customers, we have identified the types of integrations that matter to them, and we are so thrilled to have MATTR as a vetted and valuable vendor in Auth0 Marketplace.�

With MATTR and Auth0, organizations can act as authoritative issuers of verifiable credentials, leveraging their existing Auth0 accounts and OpenID Connect flows to issue portable credentials to employees, customers or partners.

MATTR VII with the OIDC Bridge Extension complements Auth0 Extensible Identity, and the ease in which customers can seamlessly integrate adjacent technologies to facilitate the successful execution of larger projects such as digital transformation, threat detection, compliance, and customer conversion.

All partner integrations are thoroughly vetted and verified for security and functionality by Auth0, and are easily discoverable for customers. Partners can participate in the growing demand for digital identity solutions and increase their visibility as part of the Auth0 Marketplace, and can learn more here: https://auth0.com/partners.

About Auth0

Auth0�s modern approach to identity enables organizations to provide secure access to any application, for any user. The Auth0 platform is a highly customizable identity operating system that is as simple as development teams want and as flexible as they need. Safeguarding billions of login transactions each month, Auth0 delivers convenience, privacy, and security so customers can focus on innovation. For more information, visit https://auth0.com.


MATTR is building a web of trust, restoring confidence in digital interactions through an integrated approach to decentralised identity and data ownership. The MATTR VII platform provides the building blocks to address the historically difficult challenges of digital security, privacy and data verification. Our products are simple, accessible and easy to use, with pre-built extensions that make it easy to plug the platform into existing application stacks. MATTR is committed to open standards, and works with organisations such as W3C, DIF and OIDF.

For more information visit https://mattr.global or follow @MattrGlobal on Twitter.


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