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Mature Lady Rocks…..

A Mature LadyMature Lady Rocks.....

A Mature Lady Gets Pulled Over For Speeding

Lady: �Is There A Problem, Officer?�

Traffic Cop: �Yes Mam, I�m Afraid You Were Speeding.�

Lady: �Oh, I See.�

Cop: �Can I See Your License Please?�

Lady: �Well, I Would Give It To You But I Don�t Have One.�

Cop: �Don�t Have One?�

Lady: �No. I Lost It 4 Years Ago For Drunk Driving.�

Cop: �I See, Can I See Your Vehicle Registration Papers Please.�

Lady: �I Can�t Do That.�

Cop: �Why Not?�

Lady: �I Stole This Car.�

Cop: �Stole It?�

Lady: �Yes, And I Killed And Hacked Up The Owner.�

Cop: �You What!?�

Lady: �His Body Parts Are In Plastic Bags In The Trunk If You Want To See�

The Cop Looks At The Woman And Slowly Backs Away To His Car While Calling For Back Up.

Within Minutes 5 Police Cars Circle The Car.

A Senior Officer Slowly Approaches The Car, Clasping His Half Drawn Gun.

Officer: �Mam, Could You Step Out Of Your Vehicle Please!�

The Woman Steps Out Of Her Vehicle.

Lady: �Is There A Problem Sir?�

Officer: �My Colleague Here Tells Me That You Have Stolen This Car And Murdered The Owner.�

Lady: �Murdered The Owner? Are You Serious?!�

Officer: �Yes, Could You Please Open The Trunk Of Your Car, Please.�

The Woman Opens The Trunk, Revealing Nothing But An Empty Trunk.

Officer: �Is This Your Car, Mam?�

Lady: �Yes, Here Are The Registration Papers.�

The Cop Is Quite Stunned.

Officer: �My Colleague Claims That You Do Not Have A Driving License.�

The Woman Digs Into Her Handbag And Pulls Out A Clutch Purse And Hands It To The Officer.

The Officer Examines The License Quizzically.

Officer: �Thank You Mam, But I Am Puzzled, As I Was Told By My Officer Here That You Didn�t Have A License, That You Stole This Car, And That You Murdered And Hacked Up The Owner!�

Lady: �Bet The Lying Bastard Also Told You I Was Speeding, Too.�

So, Don�t Mess With Mature Ladies

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