Now add 256 participants in a Whatsapp group (Whatsapp officially increased Maximum participants limit)

Maximum participants in a Whatsapp group
Maximum participants in a Whatsapp group now increased to 256 from 100

Good news for all Whatsapp users!! The app now allows 256 people to be part of a Whatsapp group, up from the limit of 100 set previously.
Initially though Whatsapp allowed only 15 users per group which was revised to 50, then late in Nov 2014 it was again revised to 100, Now again to 256. This new change seems to be an ode to the increasing popularity of the app among Indians. But many believe that this relaxation of users in a group may not be welcomed by everyone specially if they are interested in interacting with select few.

Many active Whatsapp group are already full with 100 members. Now add more members to your Whatsapp Group.

If you are still not able to get the latest updated Whatsapp App (Version 2.12.437), then please download the latest Whatsapp version from their official website.

Click here to download the apk for Android (Version 2.12.437)


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