Mcafee Antivirus Plus Latest Version (1 PC/1 Year) for Rs.99

Mcafee Antivirus PlusMcafee Antivirus Plus 1 PC 1 Year is one of the best software available in the market and is a trusted global name that manufactures high end anti-virus programs. It has been recognised as a leading producer of quality anti-virus for individual as well as industrial usage worldwide for their service in creating reliable solutions against malignant threats from the cyber world.

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Mcafee Antivirus Plus 1 PC 1 Year is an effective anti-virus program that dedicatedly serves your PC and operating system against threats like viruses and spam and provides a good control over unnecessary interference from the digital world. This software runs on 512 MB RAM for Windows XP and 2 GB RAM Windows: Vista, 7, 8, 8.1. It only requires only 500 MB space on your hard disk to run this program.

Mcafee Antivirus Plus 1 PC 1 Year can be downloaded online and can be used directly instead of waiting for a CD or any other external means to activate the software. Simply log on to Snapdeal and click on Buy Now to purchase this product. It comes with an activation card with the license key in it. Purchasing this anti-virus for 1 PC in this way makes your PC secure instantly.

This anti-virus with comprehensive protection comes with a one year warranty and can be installed to protect your system for a year round hassles-free working. Simply activate the software online with the activation card and register for warranty at the time of purchase. The intelligent software proves to be user –friendly and any person can simply click to use this software easily.

Function and Features

This anti-virus with 1 year warranty protects against hackers, spyware, phishing, malware, and other online threats. It comes with the McAfee Active Protection and NetGuard Technology to enhance your PC performance by deleting unnecessary files and providing protection against spam. Additionally, it has features like Web Browsing Protection, Two-way Firewall, Network Intrusion Security and the Scanning Engine checks for threats quickly without compromising battery performance.

User Friendly

Mcafee Antivirus Plus 1 PC 1 Year optimises your system’s performance along with keeping protected. It checks for malwares daily by its scheduled checks and scans as a default feature. Now you can run high end programs without any glitches, slowing down or hang ups and maintains the qualityof your PC’s functionality.

Reliable Brand

Mcafee is a recognised, reputed and trusted brand for producing quality solutions for the digital world. Come and check out this amazing anti-virus program at Snapdeal and make your life better by staying protected. It is the best value for the money you and come at a very reasonable cost with loads of user friendly features.

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