Meddco Launches Series of New “Price Transparent” Healthcare Apps in India

The truth is... you are not the only person concerned about ever-increasing healthcare expenditures.

Mumbai, India, January 23, 2019 --( Meddco, an emerging SaaS-based healthcare recommendation platform, was launched in early 2018. The web and app platform connects patients with healthcare entities like hospitals, diagnostic labs, and doctors. Meddco is an online solution for masses who seek the second opinion on critical illnesses or diseases like arthritis, diabetes, cancer, cardiac ailments, etc. They can plan their healthcare expenses by availing information on fixed price surgery, treatment and diagnostic packages offered by hospitals across India. The platform provides access to price transparent and affordable healthcare across geographical locations in India.

�We envision to make healthcare better by promoting price transparency and empower the Indian consumer with affordable healthcare options,� says Dr. Sanjit Paul, founder of Meddco Group. Dr. Paul wants Meddco to be India's most often used healthcare platform. Meddco offers a search and recommendation engine for healthcare seekers and a provider platform for healthcare businesses and professionals.

Meddco�s provider platform enables healthcare service providers to enlist their surgery and treatment packages online with an integrated appointment booking system. Patients can fetch the required surgery or treatment package on their recommendation platform. The medical entities can also promote their healthcare brand by creating camp listings and generate footfall at their premises.

Meddco has on board more than 25,000 doctors and 7,000 healthcare entities like hospitals, clinics and diagnostic labs on their platform. Meddco has listed more than 50,000 surgery or treatment packages that can be found via app and web.

A young man, Rajesh, aged 33, migrated from Delhi to Mumbai for a new job opportunity. Due to his stressful lifestyle, he was diagnosed with Appendicitis i.e inflammation of the appendix. Doctors suggested that he should undergo Appendectomy surgery to get timely relief from pain. While searching about the ailment online, he came across and discovered their android app. He searched for hospitals on the Meddco and found more than 7 hospitals in his vicinity. They offered Appendectomy surgery packages and could compare them to choose the most affordable surgery package.

He came to know about the different costs are aligned with different bed options available at these hospitals. He could also gather information regarding - what is included in the fixed price surgery package and what is not. He was surprised when he contacted the hospital and found that the surgery is offered exactly at the same cost as mentioned on Meddco. His joy knew no bounds as he availed the surgery and saved almost 50% in medical expenses.

Many healthcare patients who cannot find timely affordable treatment options can now bank on Meddco�s powerful search engine. India awaits such game-changing innovations aimed to disrupt the healthcare sector and contribute for the good of Indian masses.

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