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In Medical – Always get a Second Opinion


Corporate hospitals are paying a salary of one and half lakh per month to their doctors. But they have monthly targets. the target condition for them to remain in job is that, they have to write tests and and scans worth 3 lakhs and trap 25 patients for surgery every month. This is not happening in charity hospitals. In many hospitals, unwanted surgeries and risky premature cataract surgeries are being carried out. One has to be fearful of corporate hospitals. If you show your medical card or if you say " Doctor, don't bother about expense, please save the life " to a corporate doctor, you are gone. If they terrify you and do not give time to think, you should become alert. A genuine doctor will talk encouragingly and don't terrify you. You can ask your family doctor or a friendly doctor to visit the patient as a visitor and take a second opinion before plunge into corporate hands

�If you or your family have been advised a surgery or a medical procedure and if you are confused about the medical options for you, then call at 70266 46022 or send your medical reports at [email protected] or visit medisensehealth.com. They will get you a second opinion from an expert doctors panel. It is a free service for patients.

This free service for patients is available in 21 cities in India which includes UDUPI, Mangalore, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad etc. Please share this article with all your loved ones.

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