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MEDIUM Announces Distribution of Its Blockchain Platform for Free

MEDIUM will make aggressive efforts to revitalize the blockchain market.

SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#2000TPSCommercialBlockchain--MEDIUM, one of Korea�s leading blockchain companies, has launched distribution of an enterprise-level blockchain platform for free for the global companies who would utilize blockchain for their business purposes.

At a blockchain performance assessment conducted in 2021 by Korea Testing Certification Agency (KOTCA), an internationally accredited testing agency, MDL platform was certified for 14,142 TPS, the world�s top-tier performance level.

Based on this performance, MEDIUM in January signed an MOU for 'China Korea Trade Finance Transaction Platform (CKTF)' development to a scale of USD 243.4 billion a year with PeerSafe, China�s leading blockchain solution provider.

Recently, MEDIUM launched its efforts for digital service development, such as identification and local currency issue, using blockchain technology for Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation (KOMSCO) by participating in KOMSCO�s blockchain introduction R&D project. It holds a great significance that KOMSCO, which is attempting a shift from the minting business to the blockchain-based business, such as local currency issue, identification, and security module services, due to a decrease in the use of commodity money, chose MEDIUM as its technological partner.

With the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, MEDIUM is also responding actively to the demand in the non-face-to-face medical service market.

Last year, it attracted investment worth KRW 6 billion from GenNBio, a stock market-listed medical/bioengineering company of Korea, and secured a foundation for building a non-face-to-face medical service infrastructure. Since then, MEDIUM has commenced technological development for blockchain-based non-face-to-face medical services, such as identification, vaccine passport and electronic prescription issues.

MDL, MEDIUM�s blockchain platform based on Hyperledger Fabric, is a 2,000 TPS-level commercial blockchain with a proprietary management console, free of charge. With its 2,000 TPS performance, blockchain users can realize commercial services as well as POC or BMT.

MDL has following strengths:

It is an installer-type software, and thus can be conveniently installed by anyone in approximately ten minutes through simple information input; MDL Manager, the exclusively developed console, enables intuitive monitoring and management of blockchain processes and computing resource use; The nodes can be extended according to the user�s needs.

In addition, the distribution management function to set the chain code (Smart Contract) distribution and link environment ensure flexible and powerful workload distribution response as well as DAPP link and implementation.

�For market activation, commercial services developed with blockchain technology should be generalized,� said a MEDIUM official. �Through the free platform distribution, we aim to help blockchain users enter the market without the burden of cost.�

Detailed information about MDL, MEDIUM�s high-performance blockchain solution, is available on www.bit.ly/3nq6ys6. Performance tests for a free trial can also be requested through the website.



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