MerPerle Hon Tam Resort Was Chosen as a Nice Venue for FAM Tour by Korean Travel Agents

In a sunny day on Hon Tam Island on Nov. 2, 2018, the whole team of MerPerle Hon Tam Resort welcomed a Korean FAM tour delegation who was looking for more opportunities to strengthen the business relationship with their existing and new partners in the coastal destination of Nha Trang, a hot tourist city of Khanh Hoa Province.

Nha Trang, Vietnam, November 06, 2018 --( The main aim of this FAM tour is to inspect the products, services, and facilities offered by the resort and other neighborhood establishments in the same area.

Speaking at the welcome ceremony, Mr. Le Minh Nhut, General Director of the owning company of the resort who was present at the reception, said, “We have been investing greatly into the development of the resort making it an outstanding icon in Nha Trang Bay. We always value your feedback and hope to receive much support in sending us more bookings and more guests to experience memorable holidays on the Island.”

“Guest satisfaction is our top priority and we are strongly committed to providing the highest level of quality service,” he added.

It is known that the delegation of this FAM tour consisted of top decision makers from many Korean travel agents. Many positive comments were made on the staff performance, the location, the rooms, and their views, the beach, the entertainment activities... after the inspection.

The FAM tour to MerPerle Hon Tam Resort was among the travel activities organized by Khanh Hoa’s Department of Tourism.

MerPerle Resorts and Hotels is a leading accommodation brand in Vietnam that provides luxurious tourist experiences based on the business philosophy of bringing guests together with a diversified range of products and outstanding service which create a unique experience and a feeling of belonging within the Vietnamese culture and nature.

MerPerle Hon Tam Resort is an "oasis" nestled in the tropical breezy hills of Hon Tam Island. Surrounded by scenic evergreen hills, the resort has a spectacular view down the turquoise gem that is the famous Nha Trang Bay.

Isolated on a beautiful island in the tourism city of Nha Trang, the MerPerle Hon Tam Resort is a must choice destination for a hideaway from bustling city life, a location for couples seeking or simply for family rest and relaxation.

At MerPerle Hon Tam Resort, guest satisfaction is the top priority and the team is continuously working hard toward enhancing the resort's image and building a great brand name by providing better care of guests.

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